Thursday, March 31, 2016

Florida Vacation: Beach Morning and Kayaking Afternoon

Ugh! Getting back to work was wayyyyyy harder then I anticipated. The pile of stuff waiting for me on my desk has made me so stressed the last two days! How is that work days last forever and vacations fly by so quickly???

Well tonight I'm sharing our day one week ago in Vero lets travel back to a happier time...

Last Thursday was our first full day in Vero Beach and we decided to first spend some time on the beach. It was a little bit of a cloudy day so we spent our time strolling the beach and collecting shells and didn't spend too much time just sitting around. 

On the way to the beach we spotted this little guy:

Such a tiny little plane! It was zooming around overhead and we kept seeing and hearing it go past us. Someone was having a great time doing some laps back and forth.

Although we have a ton of beaches in Rhode Island, Florida beaches are nice and tranquil. They don't seem to draw the crowds like the ones in Lil Rhody.

The water is a little bit of a different color and the sand is much lighter down here. It's like a whole different experience!

I don't think my mom knew I was taking this picture, I swear she was happy to have us there!

My dad has been playing around with his new go-pro camera. He surfs and paddle boards and uses it on lots of adventures, it will be cool to see all the videos he's taken when he comes home!

We were enjoying watching the sandpipers as well. They would race away from the waves with their little legs moving a mile a minute then they would head back closer to the ocean again. They certainly kept us entertained.

Walking into the beach is almost like crossing through the jungle. There is a small path between twisted vines and pine trees which hides the beach from the road. Very different then Rhode Island!

I did manage to find some treasure....

Yes! More shells!

Next we headed back to the house and got ready to go kayaking!

My dad paddle boarded along with us as we kayaked our way around the Sebastian Inlet River.

There are SO many different birds in Florida. We saw many different types as we kayaked and some of them were pretty fearless! There were also a few spider-lookalike crabs, spinning fish, and oysters that we saw along the way.

The kayaking was pretty easy until we reached the other side of the river and then we were fighting against the current...and I was losing. We headed back to shore after that, making sure to stop and open a few oysters to see if there were pearls inside! It was a great day on the water!

After kayaking we were exhausted by we headed out to Outback for dinner with my parents and unfortunately it went unpictured. If you've never had their cheese fries you should head on over now and eat some!

We headed to bed fairly early because we had another fun day planned for Friday....

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