Wednesday, March 9, 2016

My Decor Style

Since I was young my decor style has always been simple. I don't like rooms that are overwhelming, filled with too many things, or follows a particular style. I have never been one to follow a style, although if I was forced to pick one that I follow the closest I would call it simple and beachy.

Recently at Kohls I picked up this pretty sign.

Isn't it gorgeous? I love the colors and distressed look of it.

I had the perfect place to display it too.

Doesn't that look amazing?! I was so excited with the difference in the look of this area. I think changing out the picture frame for this sign made a huge difference in the feel of my bedroom

I figured that while I was showing you one beachy area, I may as well show you all my beachy areas!

Yes I am a little obsessed with all things beach. No I would never call it "nautical" partially because I hate that term and also because there is nothing that involves boats in my decor. I simply love the vastness of the beach and ocean and feel that having it represented in my room brings me the calmness that I think is perfect for a bedroom!

What is your decor style?

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