Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Organizing Cords and Electronics

When Tim and I moved in together suddenly my electronics basket changed from just my few electronic cords to twice the amount in about five seconds. Everything was just tossed into the basket and the pig pile was more then I could take. 

I mentioned to Tim that I was planning on organizing our electronic cords and his response was, "I know what my cords look like. You don't need to do that."

Boys. *Sigh*

First step: Pull everything out of the basket and sort everything on the floor. AKA make a mess.

A big mess. But that's okay, because soon everything will be beautiful, labeled, and organized.

I took each cord and put it in an individual ziplock baggy. I placed a label on each one so it would be clear what the cord was for and who it belonged to. No cord stealers allowed here.

Here's a great example. Apple cords all look similar but my iPod and iPhone have different cords. Can be confusing if you grab one instead of the other by accident and very unfortunate if you actually need it to charge something. Now I know that if I grab this baggie I am getting my iPod charger and nothing else.

I love my label maker by the way. This is a new one I purchased from Dymo. I love the size of it compared to other label makers I have owned in the past.

Another one of my favorite parts of this project is this little container I filled with tools and batteries. Keeping things simple around here.

Not beautiful, but here is the final product!

I enjoyed how easy this project was and how simple I kept it. I don't need every organization project to look beautiful, it just has to work!

What have you organized lately?

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