Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Since We've Been Back!

We have a little bit of catching up to do! We've been back from Florida for almost two weeks now and I haven't shared anything other then vacation recaps since we've been home!

We arrived home technically on Wednesday a little past midnight and I headed to work first thing in the morning so I was pretty exhausted. However, I wasn't too exhausted to go see my favorite baby!

We spent some time visiting Brittni, Stephen and Emma which was great! It was so nice to catch up with them and hold sweet Emma for awhile.

Just sharing a little make up mess with you to show what I've been using lately! Loving bright blues for my nails and a light eye makeup with only concealer beneath my eyes. Check out how I have hit pan on that Maybelline eyeshadow! I think it's just about time for that to go!

I also started packing up some of my stockpile for our big move! These are things we won't use until we are in our new apartment so they can be packed up until then.

This past Saturday Tim set up both televisions so he could not only watch the Red Sox game but play video games too! He's innovative that one!

Then this past Sunday Tim and I headed off to the Ocean Mist (a local bar that serves amazing breakfast) and met his parents for a little while. Then we took a nice walk around downtown Watch Hill.

If you didn't know Taylor Swift owns a home in Watch Hill.

We decided (at my insistence) to take a walk right past Taylor's house which was pretty cool. It was a beautiful day for it too!

Now we are all caught up! I have a few more posts planned for this week including some of the meals we've made at home lately as well as a spring cleaning post!

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