Sunday, April 24, 2016

Weekend Fun Recap!

Oh how is it the end of the weekend again????

That is exactly how I'm feeling right now! But it was a great weekend around here so I shouldn't even be too whiney about having to head back to work (but I will be....). So first off all before the weekend started we had a great Thursday night visiting Brittni, Stephen and Emma!

Tim is just so natural with babies! We brought my mom along with us so she could meet Emma and she kept commenting on how Tim seemed to be the best with her because he was just so relaxed and held her like a football under his arm.

I mean, look how content she looks! She is SUCH a good baby and I enjoy heading over there to visit them.

My mom also loves any chance to hold a baby!

On Friday night we had plans to meet up with my extended family at Dan's Place in West Greenwich. I unfortunately didn't take any pictures, but it was so nice to sit and chat with my Papa and see my cousin Andrew who has been away in the Navy for some time! Since we had dinner on the early end we didn't have any super exciting plans for the night we ended up heading out for some ice cream.

Brickley's in Wakefield is one of the best ice cream places in the area! There is always a super long line but it's totally worth it.

Saturday was a very productive day for me. Tim worked in the morning and then headed off golfing with his dad in the afternoon so I had some time to myself to get all sorts of things done.

After cleaning the house, washing bedding and starting some laundry I decided to take a drive into Westerly to use a Pier One gift certificate that was burning a hole in my pocket! I picked up some new things for our new apartment!

Cute right?! I am so excited and will keep you updated on our future apartment as soon as I know more!

On Sunday we started the day with breakfast at Ocean Mist with Tim's parents and brother and then headed off hiking.

The first place we explored was near Barber's Pond in South Kingstown and was a fun trail that took us near water and deep into the woods. We always enjoy getting outside together and exploring and this was no exception.

When we finished the trail we knew we weren't done hiking just yet. So we headed down the road a little bit to the Crawley Preserve near where Tim grew up.

The first thing we saw on our hike was a snake! Since there wasn't a ton of wildlife hanging around we were excited to see this little green guy!

This hike was gorgeous. I loved the waterfall and the woods we walked through. We will definitely be heading back here in the future!

After our hiking adventure it was time to head home and change and get to the hospital! We were ready to meet Isabella, Emma's new cousin!

Brittni's sister Katie had a beautiful little girl this morning!

What a great weekend! :)

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