Sunday, May 8, 2016

A Couple of Weekends...

How can it possibly be Sunday night again? My weekends have been absolutely flying by and it's been hard to believe that I have to head back to work every Monday morning.

Now that the laundry is done, the bedroom and bathroom are clean, and Tim is completely enthralled with his video game I figured I'd sit down and update you on the last two weekends.

Last Sunday was our one year anniversary! May 1st is the day we had our first date at the a local restaurant the Mews Tavern and I can't believe it's already been a year. Tim played golf early in the morning and came home with these beautiful flowers for me. So sweet :)

Later in the afternoon we went to meet Tim's sisters new puppy! We were so excited to meet Addie her new bernese mountain dog. She a sweet little puppy and it was so nice to spend some time playing outside with her.

Then we met up with the rest of Tim's family for dinner. Our anniversary is shared with his brothers birthday so we went to dinner at Kon.

All last week was pretty depressing here in Rhode Island. The sky was cloudy and it rained pretty much the entire week. Not a great thing to see out your office window!

Last week we did view some places to live and put an application in. Hopefully we will hear soon and I will let you know of moving plans! I started packing up things we don't necessarily need to have in our room right now. We are getting ready to move out and it's so exciting!

On Friday night this weekend I had after work drinks and appetizers with a few girls I used to work with. We had a blast catching up and it was so nice to see them. Unfortunately I didn't snap any pictures at all on Friday. After we enjoyed our time at Dan's place, I met up with Tim and our friends Fred and Marissa to see the brand new Captain America movie. It was an amazing movie and I really enjoyed it!

On Saturday I did remember to take pictures when we headed off to Foxwoods with Tim's parents for the Kentucky Derby!

We drank a few mint juleps and enjoyed the derby hype before heading to David Burke Prime Steakhouse for a delicious dinner! I cannot rave enough about the food there. The french onion soup was incredible, the steak delicious and the macaroni and cheese is mouthwatering! If you've never been, you need to head over immediately.

We hung out for awhile longer, spent some time hanging out at the bar and then stopped in Cake.

I could get in some serious trouble in Cake. They have so many sweets! I chose a chocolate bar and it was great but there were so many different things to chose from it was a little overwhelming.

Today was mother's day and we spent the day with my mom! We always visit the cemetery where my grandma is buried and put some roses on her headstone. Then have lunch at the Pizza Place in downtown Westerly. The Pizza Place is not my favorite restaurant at all, the food is nothing special but it's never crowded and it's nice to sit and catch up with my family.

After lunch Tim and I took a hike with my mom down in Charlestown. It was so nice to see the sun finally shining after looking out clouds for so long.

We will definitely be enjoying more hikes and exercising in the coming weeks. We have been talking about making sure that we exercise and enjoy our time outside now that it's light out when we get out of work at night.

I did put together a new exciting thing today as well!

A laundry sorter! I can't be the only person who gets excited over things like this!

I've already started sorting our laundry! :)

Have a great night!

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