Sunday, May 15, 2016

Packing, Food and a Graduation Party

I cannot believe how fast this weekend flew by! I feel like it was just Friday afternoon and it's already Sunday night. I often wish I could drag the weekends out a little more, especially busy ones like this one was!

On Friday I worked cleaning an office after my regular job so it was a pretty tiring day. Luckily I had an amazing boyfriend to come home to who had waited for me to have dinner. We decided to head to The Haversham for a quick dinner and it was awesome.

I had met friends for dinner and drinks there before, but this was the first time I have ever sat down in the dining area. We both ordered the french onion soup and it was cheesy and delicious. I always feel like I could eat a few bowls of french onion for dinner and be completely content. 

I opted for the French Dip sandwich and french fries for my meal and loved it.

Then we split a brownie sundae for dessert which was fantastic. Anything that has hot fudge on it is fine by me!

Saturday morning when Tim had to work I spent my time packing up our bedroom.

We still have a ton of stuff to pack and sign our lease on Thursday so it will be a busy week for us!

I have been bringing a ton of boxes home from work but we are already out of boxes! It's amazing how much stuff we have. As you can see when Tim arrived home from work he was super helpful...

Just kidding! He knows to stay out of my way when I'm in super organizing mode :)

Saturday afternoon we headed off to Tim's sisters house since she was hosting her boyfriends graduation party.

Obviously it meant lots of puppy playtime!

We had an awesome time hanging out with his family and playing with the puppy. It was a fun night!

This morning we decided to start with breakfast at T's in Narragansett.

My breakfast was great! I had home fries, bacon, scrambled eggs, and buttermilk pancakes. 

Tim opted for an omelet with toast and buffalo home fries and only had great things to say about his food!

After breakfast we made the hour drive to IKEA! Tim had never been so it was an experience for him.

I'll be back a little later this week to share all about our shopping experience from's going to be a little long and will definitely take up a full post! We ended up buying quite a few things for our new apartment and I can't wait to share everything with you guys!

Have a great start to your week!

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