Friday, June 24, 2016

Apartment Living: The Bathroom

So bathrooms aren't exactly the most exciting room in anyones home but they are a necessary place!

I wanted our bathroom to be simple, easy to clean and for items to be easily accessible. 

I stuck with a plain white shower curtain so we could incorporate other colors through our rug and towels. The shower curtain is from Walmart: simple and cheap! The rug is one of two that we own, we have a blue one and a white one both memory foam from Kohls. They are so comfortable and I love the white one in particular, but it gets dirty so quickly! One set of towels that you can see in the above pictures is from Kohls and I think they are gorgeous.

We have a second set of amazing towels from JCPenny's that my mom bought for us. They are the softest towels in the entire world and Tim is completely obsessed with them.

The shelf above the toilet was there when we moved in and I just have three clear containers from the container store filled with bathroom essentials; soap, cotton rounds, and q-tips. I also hung up a picture frame with three beach pictures for a little decoration. Gotta make the bathroom a little exciting!

I still have to get the area under the sink completely organized and then I will be sharing that part with you as well!

So that's it, our unexciting bathroom! I hope you enjoyed this portion of our apartment tour I'll be back with more soon!

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