Saturday, June 18, 2016

Apartment Living: The Living Room

Welcome to our living room!

You've seen a couple pictures of the living room in this post where I shared the ladder bookshelf I decorated from Kohls but today I'm here to share the rest of our living room! 

I love our minimalistic living room. Less stuff, less stress! As I shared before, we bought our couch from Jordan's furniture. So far we absolutely love it. There's nothing better then lounging on the couch after a long day at work. It's so nice to have room to spread out. Our coffee table was an internet buy from Kohls. The corners are awful sharp so I would not recommend it if you have kids in the house, but it's working for us right now. The candy bowl is another Kohl's purchase and has been quite dangerous as we keep it pretty fully stocked.

The above is a more recent picture. We have purchased a basket to hold a couple throw blankets and some coasters and received the candle as a gift.

Behind the couch we have the ladder bookshelf and this smaller white bookshelf my dad built for me when I was younger. I don't hold onto a ton of books, only ones that I will re-read but nevertheless this bookshelf is packed. It also has the same beach theme from our previous bedroom.

I love the sign above the bookshelf. Tim picked it out in Target which was super sweet.

We also may have bought a new tv which was one of our favorite purchases so far! Yes, I was watching Gossip Girl when I took this picture :)

In addition to everything above, we've also started a gallery wall which I will be sharing soon! So far it's more frames then pictures but soon we will have pictures to fill a ton of frames!

We still plan on purchasing floor lamps for either side of the tv stand. We also talked about a side table but I'm not even sure we need one. I love how this room is coming along and it's my favorite room in the apartment!

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  1. Minimalistic is the way to go! Furniture that doubles up as self storage can help in keeping things in its proper place too! There are a lot of places that you can look for chairs and tables with cubbies for storage now!