Monday, June 13, 2016

Apartment Living: Organizing Beauty Products

If you're a longtime blog reader you may remember when I bought my makeup drawers from Ikea. I was so excited to be able to organize and store all my makeup that I have received from Birchboxes, bought with coupons, or gotten somehow! 

When we moved into the apartment I just threw all of my products into drawers and didn't sort anything out. It was not working efficiently and I desperately needed to get everything organized! I set aside some time one morning to get this project done.

Step one: Make a mess. The only way to get everything organized is to take absolutely everything out of all the drawers and get it all sorted. I took my time making sure each product was put in the correct category.

If I ever start to think I don't have a ton of products all I have to do is lay them all out and my reality is shattered. This is why I'm on a no buy this year! I have purchased a few items throughout the course of the year but far less than I purchased last year.

Now let's go through each drawer:

The top drawer is full of sunscreen, face products, makeup remover, and face washes. I desperately need to start using up these products. I have so many travel size products to use up that I haven't even tried yet so my goal is to get some of these products used up this year.

The second drawer is full of foundations, concealers, perfume samples, blushes, bronzers, hand sanitizers, and makeup setting sprays.

The third drawer is all eyeshadow. I have an eyeshadow obsession and love buying it. I haven't allowed myself to buy any this year. I did order a palette from Birchbox only because it was free after points but I have so much I could never use all of it in my lifetime!

Drawer number four is mostly lip products, but there are also eyeliners and mascaras in here too. Inside the blue box is my stockpile of cake batter chapsticks- I'm obsessed!

Who needs a full drawer of hairspray?! Not me! I don't use hairspray all that often but all of these bottles were completely free so I might as well hold onto it for when I need it!

The rest of my hair products live in this drawer. They are sorted by repairing products, dry shampoos, shampoo and conditioners, and sea salt spray. I do like to try all different products so it's nice to have a wide variety to choose from.

My nail drawer looks so much nicer when it's organized by nail polish brands! I keep my toenails painted pretty much at all times so I like having a ton of polish to choose from.

The next drawer is mostly stockpile items. Extra deodorant, extra dental items, and q-tips.

Finally, the last drawer is extra soap, bath items, and other spa like items. Now that I finally have a bathtub I would like to actually be able to use some of my bath bombs!

Now you might be wondering where my lotion and shower gel are. They are actually in bins inside our linen closet. I will share that space with you soon!

So that's todays organization project! What have you been organizing lately?

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