Saturday, June 11, 2016

Apartment Living: Our Bedroom

Our apartment is slowly coming together! I spent a good portion of the week working on apartment decorating and organization. I have been really enjoying working on the apartment. As much as I loved decorating and browsing through Pinterest in the past I never knew I would enjoy it this much. 

Today I'm sharing our bedroom which I wanted to be a calming place. I tend to get really anxious and knowing that I can walk into a clean, uncluttered environment at night makes me feel better. I wanted a simple room where I can just relax and that's exactly what our bedroom has become.

Our bedspread and sheets are simple ones from Target. I love the bedspread so much, it is definitely one of my favorite purchases we made, so simple but beautiful! The headboard came from Pier 1. It was a pricer purchase but one I think makes the room and we will have forever. It is part of the Hayworth collection from Pier 1. The two nightstands are from Ikea and were items that we built. I have been loving them for being so roomy as well as great looking. Our bedside lamps are from Target which are super simple but do the job.

Both of our dressers are from Ikea and Tim built them entirely on his own. I've been keeping the decor very simple with only a few items out on top of the dresser. The tall dresser holds only one of our tvs. The other dresser holds my perfume tray, our deodorants, a couple of pictures, and a vase full of shells. You'll also see a pile of Tim's clothes peeking out from around the with a boy is never dull!

I am very pleased with how the room turned out. Eventually we will have pictures hanging on the walls and the room will be complete!

I hope you are enjoying seeing bits and pieces of our apartment and I will be back with other parts of the apartment soon!


  1. Looking forward to see how much more your bedroom can be! After putting in those chest of drawers for storage, it's really starting to look a lot more lived in and shows off a bit more character!

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