Monday, August 1, 2016

Life Lately: Bronx Zoo

When we woke up Saturday morning we had no plan as to what we were going to do that day. After watching a little bit of tv in bed and slowwwwly waking up we decided to head to the Bronx Zoo. It has been on our bucket list since last summer just like Six Flags New Jersey was so we were excited to stop there on our way home.

First we had to stop at a Wawa and get some Wawa mints.

In college my friends and I took a road trip to NJ and had to get Wawa mints while we were there, so I grabbed two so Tim and I could eat them! (Side note: We didn't....and they are sitting in our candy bowl right now)

After quite a bit of driving we finally arrived!

The Bronx Zoo is absolutely amazing! There are so many animals and the habitats they live in are gorgeous. As animal lovers it was great to see different animals then we have at the zoo here but also see what different habitats they created at a larger zoo like this.

The zoo it set up really nicely with a bunch of buildings separating exhibits. Birds in one building, insects in another, etc... There were so many areas to see and not enough time in the day!

As much as I loved seeing all of the animals; my favorite of the day had to be the gorillas!

The babies were absolutely adorable and we stood there watching all of them interact for a long time! 

Once we had seen pretty much everything (and gotten 14,000 steps I might add) we headed back to the car. We made a quick stop for dinner at Longhorn which was decent, and an even quicker stop at the outlets, but then it was time to head home after a wonderful weekend vacation!

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