Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Shutterfly Freebies!

On Monday when I shared my bill paying checklist there were a couple of super cute magnets holding them up!

Every couple of weeks (or even more often!) Shutterfly has freebies which is an awesome way to get personalized free stuff! These magnets were something I picked out right when we moved in. I chose a few pictures, paid for shipping and they arrived at my door.. pretty cool!

Even more recently I've managed to get more items for free!

These four coasters came in last week and they are a great item we actually use!

Lastly I ordered a notebook with a picture I took of Charlestown Beach. What a pretty notebook right? I just paid shipping for all of these items!

If you haven't signed up for Shutterfly yet you definitely should, and once you do select to receive e-mails so you get notified every time they are giving away free items! It happens more often then you think and all of these items would make great gifts (which I haven't done yet...but I may start stocking up on gift items!)

Sign up here!

**This is not a sponsored post! Just me promoting something free that I love!**

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