Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Three Things I'm Loving Lately!

Happy Wednesday ya'll!

Today I'm sharing with you three things I'm loving lately!

Fall TV

I love when fall tv comes back! Some of my favorite shows are back/coming back and I tend to be terrible at watching shows when they are actually on and have been catching up on everything when I have a free moment. Lucky for me we have OnDemand!

Some shows I'm watching this fall are; Big Bang Theory, Once Upon a Time, This Is Us, The Good Place, Modern Family and The Middle.

When I mention fall tv, I also have to mention football! I have been watching my Patriots of course, but with Tim around I watch more football then I ever did! It's so nice to be back to watching The Patriots win again :)

Decorating For Fall

I have been loving decorating our little home for fall.  I don't have a ton of decorations but have managed to only pick up one item so far! I will be sharing all of our fall decor soon right here on the blog so keep your eyes peeled!


I have been actually listening to quite a few audiobooks on youtube. So far I've only been listening to books I've already read so I kind of already have an idea of what's happening but I'm really getting used to it. When I do overtime at work I've been listening to audiobooks instead of listening to music which feels way more productive to me.

So far I've listened to the entire Harry Potter series and am working on a Nicholas Sparks book right now and plan on keep listening to book, especially in the car during my commute!

What are three things you've been loving lately?

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