Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Under The Sinks..

When I typed the title of this blog post I totally sang it to the "Under The Sea" tune from The Little Mermaid...just in case you were wondering how cool I am!

This past weekend while I was cleaning I noticed some dirt under the bathroom sink in our little cupboard so obviously that meant I needed to take everything out and clean the whole surface. While I had everything out on the floor I figured I might as well put contact paper down to make it look a little nicer. (Side Note: This is starting to sound a lot like that book When You Give A Mouse A Cookie)

I think placing the paper down and reorganizing made a big difference in our two under-sink cabinets.  I didn't think to take before pictures, but here is a peek at what each one looks like.

Bathroom Cupboard:

I love Method products! I have been obsessed with their cleaning products lately. 

Kitchen Cupboard:

Although neither place is absolutely beautiful; they are organized and functional and that's what truly matters!

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