Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Decorating For Fall!

Fall is by far my favorite season and I love to decorate! I don't have quite as many fall decorations as I have for Christmas but I love the simplicity of my apartment right now and don't feel the need to cover it in all sorts of knick-knacks. I have a few decor items that I love and it seems to be just enough for us right now. So come on in and take a look around!

I have a little witch hanging out on the couch with us, because what is Halloween without a witch hanging around?!

Last week while I was at my moms she had fake leaves that she was planning on getting rid of and when she offered them up to me I agreed to taking them with me. I found a home for them around the base of our living room tv. You can also get a glimpse of what Tim was doing while I cleaned up and decorated.

The small pumpkin on top of the console is from Christmas Tree Shop and says Hocus Pocus. It's from a few years back and I think it's super cute. The pumpkin candle holder inside the console is a few years old and I don't remember where I picked it up.

Of course I had to decorate our living room windows. You can also see that our shades are two different colors. They are ones that came already in the apartment when we moved in and I just noticed it now looking at this picture... #superobservant

Anyways, the window decals are from Target and I just purchased them a week or so ago.

One more metal pumpkin candle holder from Kohls on our bookshelf.

Isn't this little scarecrow so cute? I picked him up at Pier One a few years ago. So cute :)

Our bedroom has one decorative candle shaped like a leaf. Just adding a little bit of fall in there too!

Lastly our bathroom got some loving too with another decal picked up from Target. 

Now there's nothing to do but kick back, breathe in the amazing scent from my Bath and Body Works Leaves Candle and enjoy the cooler weather!

Have a great day everybody!

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