Monday, October 10, 2016

Massive Makeup and Product Declutter!

Oh my god you guys- I am a hoarder. 

I am terrified of becoming a hoarder, I toss things on the regular. I never keep any extra things. I recycle paper like a mad woman and Tim knows not to leave things lying around because they'll disappear faster then he can blink. But with my products, I am a disgusting hoarder. 

My white Alex 9 drawer tower from Ikea was packed with products. I have gone through it a few times but never with the amount of honesty I went through it this time. I got rid of items I will never use, I got rid of expired items, I tossed anything that was almost empty and I knew I wouldn't finish. I was brutal and I took pictures of the process to share with you of course!

Lets start with the top drawer which was filled with face masks, cleansers, makeup remover, sunscreen, scrubs- basically any face product that was not makeup. Here's what we started with:

So much stuff! Where did it all come from?! Well I've been receiving Birchboxes for the last four years, I know most of the sunscreen samples came from a Sephora.Com order where I got them free...from over a year ago. So I sifted through; first getting rid of anything that was expired (which was a lot). Then I took a look to see when I received the birchbox items- if it was over six months ago I tossed the item because clearly I'll never use it! Here's what was left behind:

I kept more then I intended to but I will try the cleansers and face masks and if by Christmas I haven't they are gone! The sunscreen I held onto is good through next August so that's okay to keep. Everything else is on the newer end.

Next up is a drawer that holds my perfume samples and face products (including blush, bronzer, highlighter, foundation, etc):

So much stuff. Now I didn't end up getting rid of any perfume samples. They only have 2-3 uses in each tiny container and I do like to try different scents now and then. I also didn't get rid of my anti-bacterials from Bath and Body Works since I keep them in my purse and use them regularly. Blushes and bronzers did stay since I only have two or three of each. I kept a few concealers but the rest were tossed. I also tossed the majority of my foundations/bb creams. I kept only the newest of what I've received and the rest was tossed. Check it out!

I am an eye shadow hoarder because I love it so much. But I honestly wouldn't be able to get through all I have in a lifetime. I constantly dream of getting the Naked 3 Palette but I know I don't need it with all the eyeshadows I already have. Which also means I don't need the Chocolate Bar palettes either right??? This is where I started:

The palettes I use most often are my Naked 1, Naked 2, and Coastal Scents. I have a Jessie Girl Palette and another from Wet and Wild that I've never touched. So they were sent packing. I don't use a lot of my single shadows and smaller duos and trios. I asked myself if I honestly saw myself wearing them ever, I also got rid of any sparkly shadow I owned because the glitter always gets in my contacts and hurts my eyes. After decluttering here's what the drawer looked like:

Still a ton in there, but not as bad as it once was!

I am not a lip product person, I love my chapstick and don't wear lip gloss or lipstick much at all. So why did I have so much?! I also have a ton of eye pencils which I'm not using either.

I forgot to take a before picture so here are the products that I started with in this drawer:

Afterwards I was left with a few lipsticks, a few lip glosses, some eye pencils and one set of eyebrow products. In the blue box is all my chapstick, which will all be used!

Much nicer right?

Hair product were a little harder for me. I mean I don't use a lot of hairspray, but it's good for awhile right? So I might as well keep it on hand...

Only one product out of that drawer...

I went through my hair products one by one and decided whether or not I thought I was ever going to use them.

I managed to cut it down a little bit...getting rid of mostly texturizing sprays which I will never use!

 The bottom drawers stayed the same because I don't need to go through my nail polish right now. I have quite a bit but nowhere near some of the other collections I've seen and I'm comfortable with the amount that I have right now.

Same with my extra supplies...nothing to get rid of...

Now here's the final pile of all the products currently leaving my house...

Awesome right?!  I'm so glad to no longer have these items cluttering up my drawers! I can find the products I actually want to use because they are right there and nothing else is blocking them.

Feels good to declutter! Have you done any decluttering lately?

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