Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Nailpolish Declutter

I have been in the mood to declutter lately and I found a great drawer for my next session.

My nail polish collection has slowly gotten out of control. I paint my toenails pretty regularly but don't paint my nails much anymore. Most of this polish came in random Birchboxes, Pinch Me Boxes, and I picked up free couponing so it quickly filled up this drawer! 

I had gotten rid of few polishes here and there but it was time to really dive in and toss what I didn't love, what was old, and also some of it was actually separating or clumpy....yuck!

I ended up getting rid of quite a few things I was honestly impressed with myself.

This was my final get rid of pile:

27 bottles of nail polish, two nail pens, and various old nail files later we had a nice clean drawer!

Now I can see everything and my collection is more streamlined. I only use Seche Vite as my top coat so I no longer have five top coats that I'll never use. So many of my polishes were super clumpy and many were colors I received without choosing them so there were a lot of colors I didn't love anyways. Now it's so much more manageable and there is room to grow if I see any new colors I have to have!

What does your nail polish collection look like?

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