Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Products I've Used Up

Hello hello friends! Today I am sharing with you my recent empties. I've decided to do these posts/videos more often  since I hate hoarding trash! I had quite a few items in a month and a half and am here today to share them with you...so here we go:

Swiffer Sweeper Wet Mop Wipes- I use these babies every time I clean the house and end up using three on each occasion. I use one for the kitchen/entryway, one for the office, and one in the bathroom and it keeps my floors looking super shiny!

Lysol Wipes- I try not to use these as much as other products since it's not quite as green as the others  but I still use these quite a bit in the bathroom since that is an area that always can use a little sanitizing.

Method Bathroom Cleaner- I have already repurchased this because I love it so much. It's a great bathroom cleaner, safe to use and very effective. It has a nice mint smell as well so it's not super overwhelming which is great.

Tide Detergent and Tide Pods- I never used Tide growing up because my dad was unable to have his clothes washed in anything but Purex due to allergies, but now that I'm on my own I can do what I want! I think Tide works great and I love how easy pods are to transport to the laundromat. I wish it got a little more sudsy though because I do miss that when I use the pods!

Palmolive Dish Soaps- I used up a pink and a teal and both worked just fine. I hate washing dishes and absolutely cannot wait until I have a dishwasher once more. I still am working my way through all my free dish soaps so I'm hoping to not have to purchase a single one while we live here and continue to get there from couponing so I'm not too picky about what I use.

Febreeze Car Air Freshner- This was a tropical scent and it was just okay. I've repurchased the febreeze product but in a different scent which I really like so far!

Bath and Body Works Leaves Candle- I love, love, love this candle! I purchase this every year and I don't allow myself to start burning it until fall starts and I've already finished one up! I will continue to buy these candles because they make me so happy!

Yankee Candle Amber Sunset Tealight- Once in awhile I use one of these tealights up because I once had so many. I do like the scent but tealights drive me nuts because they don't last long at all. I won't purchase tealights in the future but would potentially consider buying a full size of this scent.

CVS Cotton Rounds- I use these to remove nail polish and to put on my toner- they are nothing special but definitely get the job done.

Bath and Body Works Forever Beach Days- This is one of my favorite lotions. I love these creamy lotions and this scent is fantastic. It smells like sunscreen and I will definitely purchase it again in the future.

Cake Batter Chapstick- I have successfully finished up five of them in a month and a half. I have a problem. 

Rainbow Ice Gum- I am loving this gum! You can purchase it at Target and enjoy every second of snow cone heaven!

Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black Perfume Sample- I liked this perfume but it was too strong for me. Tim could smell it from the other room when I sprayed it so it just doesn't really work for me- I like things a little more toned down.

Dove Deodorant-  I much prefer my natural deodorant but I definitely liked this as well for those super hot summer days. I would definitely use this again in the future.

Eyeko and Nyx Liquid Eyeliners-  All were great, I just had used them for too long. I did like the precise line it makes and will definitely repurchase them in the future but now I love the one I'm currently using which I'm sure I'll chat with you about soon. 

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara- I really liked this mascara at first but it got quite clumpy towards the end which I didn't love. I think I'll be moving on to other products in the future. 

Benefit They're Real Mascara Primer- I am not a huge fan of brown mascara so I didn't finish this sample up. I wouldn't purchase this primer because I love my other one that I use so much!

Shea Moisturizer Shampoo and Conditioner- I hated this shampoo and conditioner! It dried out my hair so badly and I couldn't even finish it. I would not recommend it even though I really wanted to like it because it's an all-natural product. 

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray- I never remember to use setting spray but I finally got this baby finished. It was okay, nothing super special because my makeup stays on pretty well all on its own so I won't purchase this in the future.

Covergirl Foundation and Concealer- These were kind of light on my skin so I wasn't a huge fan and I kept them so long that I knew I wasn't too comfortable putting them on my face anymore. Someday I will find a foundation I actually like...

Biore Charcoal Strip- Tim used this up and said it was good. He didn't get too specific but I don't think he noticed a huge change either way.

That's all! All the products I've used up lately. You can check out my video of all the products as well over on my youtube page. I apologize for the grainy video- I don't have any special camera or anything yet to take great video!

Have a great day everyone!

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