Thursday, December 29, 2016

December Birchbox

This months Birchbox came in the cutest box!

 It looks just like a little gift all wrapped up- so cute!

No extra goodies this week, but there are quite a few things in here I can't wait to try out!

I don't use face masks regularly but I find myself enjoying them every time I try one. This face mask by Leaders is called 7 Wonders Himalayan Camellia Pore Minimizing Mask. It is one of those creepy clear masks you just lay on your skin. I do like that these masks don't really make a mess but I do find  them a bit creepy looking!

I have received one other LOC shadow stick and I love how they are a one stop shop for eyeshadow. It's a quick easy way to apply some eyeshadow every day. This color is Rock Steady and is a gunmetal shade which is one of my favorite colors for my lids. I will definitely be using this beauty!

I love love love hair masks! This Mineral Mud Mask by Sapphire Hair sounds like it will do wonders to my dry hair. This little container looks like it will give me one use on the amount of hair I have, my only complaint about small hair samples- I have a lot of hair and generally the samples only last me one use!

Not going to lie; Tim and I have already used this little sample of Hey Honey Walk The Walk Propolis Foot Cream and it's great! I have super dry skin and after one use my feet are already a little less dry! We will definitely be finishing this sample up quickly!

I never need  a lot of volume in my hair but It seems like this product will be great for my roots when I straighten my hair- it might give me a little bit of a better hairstyle!

Last, but not least a little mirror! I love little extras and will definitely be sticking this in my purse!

What did you get this month in your birchbox?

Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas 2016 Recap

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! We certainly had a great one here! 

We had a super busy weekend but it was a great one with a lot of celebrating. Today I will be sharing a bit of a recap with you so you can see what we were up to, but I have a few other Christmas related posts planned for the next week or so, so stay tuned!

These are my favorite treats to make any time of year, but they are certainly popular at Christmas! Tim's sister asked me to make them for Christmas Eve so I made a huge plate for that as well as small bags filled for my co-workers. I have shared the recipe before, but it's super easy and only involves butter snap pretzels, hershey kisses or hugs, and m&m's.

On Thursday after work we went to Brittni and Stephen's for dinner to celebrate Christmas with them and Emma.

Emma was pretty hilarious and could've cared less about opening gifts. She enjoyed ripping up paper and playing with boxes more then playing with anything we gave her. I did hear she also felt the same way on Christmas morning.

See? Hilarious. She makes the best faces.

We ended up doing our own Christmas on Friday night at our apartment. Both of us could not wait to open gifts and decided we might as well go for it.

I love our little tree and all our collected ornaments. It was a perfect first Christmas in our first apartment!

We also filled stockings for one another which was super fun. I plan on sharing what I put in Tim's stocking to give you some ideas for stockings for your loved ones!

Christmas Eve was busy but fun!

I shared this picture on snapchat:

 This is my hat that Tim got me- I really wanted a Patriots hat and he surprised me with one!

He also surprised me with a Amazon Fire tablet! He bought one for himself as well and has been using it when I'm not home for a month now! Sneaky sneaky boy :)

Before we left our apartment we took a picture in front of our tree, I love seeing the sign in the background as well. I think this will be a picture we need to frame!

Our first stop on Christmas Eve was my parents house. I didn't take really any pictures at all with the exception of this one of Tim, Annabel, Cailean and my mom making ornaments.

We ate dinner at my parents house and then headed to Tim's sisters for a second dinner. We also played a potato game where you split into teams and "poop" a potato into a bucket and also a game where we had to open a present with oven mitts. We ended up staying there until about 11:30 when we decided to head home to bed since we knew Christmas Day would be busy as well.

We started the morning back at Tim's sisters house where we watched his nephew's open gifts. We also did a secret santa with his family and everyone had a different couple which worked out great and was fun.

So cute that both of his nephews wanted to cuddle him! :)

After all the gifts had been opened and breakfast had been eaten, we headed to my parents house where we opened even more gifts with them and my brother and his girlfriend. Then we ended up relaxing with my parents for a little while watching movies. We ran home for an hour or so before heading back to Tim's sisters for dinner. We had a great night playing Clue and Scattegories and ended up getting home pretty late. 

It was very busy running back and forth but we had a great Christmas! I am so bummed to be heading back to work tomorrow and wish I had the entire week off! 

I hope you had a great Christmas as well and I will be back with more posts!

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

PopSugar Must Have Mini Box (AKA Tim let me open one of my presents early)

So Tim let me open one of my presents early! I was so excited to get the mini Pop Sugar box. Last year for our first Christmas together Tim got me a three month subscription and they always sent the best items in these boxes. I was ready to see what they would put in the mini version!

When I opened it up I saw two items inside and was immediately intrigued.

The first item is from Yellow Owl Workshop and is a festive stamp kit. I don't think I own a single stamp so I thought this was a cute idea. I can now use them when I scrapbook and also when I write cards for birthdays and other holidays- super cute! I need to get a bigger desk to hold all my crafting supplies :)

The second item is a gorgeous nail polish by Smith and Cult. It looked slightly purple but when I read the card that claimed it was rose gold and opened the bottle I could definitely see it. It's a gorgeous rose gold color and I can't wait to paint my nails with it. I am definitely using this for Christmas :)

Do you get Pop Sugar boxes? If you do, what products have you gotten that you love?

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Christmas Around The Apartment

We are one week away! Can you believe that in one week it will be Christmas?!

I feel like the season has absolutely flown by this year and I have felt behind this whole month. I had our apartment decorated the week before Thanksgiving but just haven't gotten around to snapping pictures or writing a post. So here is a tour of our little living room during this Christmas season!

Christmas Kermit sits on our couch next to our Let It Snow pillow. I'm not sure where Kermit came from because I've had him for years but the pillow is from the Target dollar section from a few years ago. I love the color!

Yes, Tim was playing Madden while I took pictures. This is where our stockings hang using some command hooks. I purchased these simple stockings from Kohls this year. I also have snowflake lights from Ikea in front of  the tv. A little snow angel sits on top of my books, a tiny elf on the corner and my newest purchase the little sign that says "keep calm and wait for santa" which was also purchased at Kohls this year.

Our Christmas tree is a fake one from Walmart which has worked beautifully for us. I have a ton of Christmas ornaments that I've collected through the years and I even gave Tim his own Eagles ornament for the tree. I also picked up some mint chocolate candy canes for the tree.

This cute bear is something my papa's girlfriend gifted me a few years ago. I saw this bear in a store  and loved it and she surprised me with it that Christmas.

This little elf is one of my favorite memories. I actually stole this from my grandma and papa's house when I was little because I thought he was so cute. There is actually a yellow heart bead stuck in his rear (not sure why...) and I've had him as long as I can remember.

Just a quick peek in the kitchen. Aren't these snowman towels my mom gave us adorable?! I love that we'll be able to use them all season as well.

In addition to all of these decorations we have our holiday candles burning, our holiday soaps at both sinks, and have been using a holiday oven mitt as well. Might as well go all out right?!

I hope you are all getting excited for Christmas and I'll talk to you a little later this week!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

Image result for the red queen

My most recent read was Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard and I thought it was fairly entertaining. The novel itself it a post-apocalyptic story similar to that of the Hunger Games. It reminded me of Katniss' tale in a few ways mostly because the protagonist Mare Barrow comes from one of the poorest neighborhoods in the region. The premise of the world Victoria introduces us to is a battle of silver blood and red blood. If you have silver blood you are royalty or of a prestigious family. Each person of silver blood has a special ability- magical powers and can use them to defeat others. If you have red blood you are a commoner. Mare is a thief; she has no job and steals what her family needs in order to get by. Her younger sister has a job working with silk and her three older brothers have all been sent off to war. Mare knows that she will be going off to war too, until she taken from her house and brought to the royal family to work.

On her first day working for the royalty she accidentally reveals that she has powers of her own. The king and queen are fascinated that although she bleeds red blood she also holds powers so they decide to have her marry one of the princes and study her. They desperately do not want the public to know it's possible for a red blood to have powers like a silver.

Mare quickly learns that she can't trust anyone as she realizes she anyone can betray anyone. 

Although I was entertained throughout this book and have downloaded the sequel, I wouldn't say it's my favorite book ever. I will certainly continue reading the series but it wasn't something I think everyone needs to read immediately. Have you read this? The next book is The Glass Sword and I'm finding it to be significantly slower then Red Queen.

I have a few other book reviews coming up because I have been reading a little bit more frequently lately! What books have you read lately?

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Holiday Gift Guide 2016

If you're anything like me you might be already close to done with your Christmas shopping. I only have a few more items to purchase and then I will be completely done! I did want to pop on here and share my annual gift guide with you. You can check out my previous gift guides by searching right here on the blog. 

Here is a collection of items I think would make terrific gifts this holiday season. 

This is a new item for me and I'm obsessed! I've always used LUSH lip scrubs and enjoyed them but when I heard about the lip scrub by sara happy I knew I had to check it out. It's a gentle lip scrub that feels great and smells delicious. I use this once or twice a week and although this little container retails for $24.12 on Amazon it is something that will last you quite a long time. I think any woman who loves beauty products would be thrilled to see this under her tree or inside a stocking!

The Wet Brush retails for just under $9 on Amazon but it something I absolutely love. I grew up with very tangly hair and if I don't brush my hair out after emerging from the shower I'm in for a fight when I go to style it. (and everyone wonders why I just wear my hair up most of the time) I don't know many girls who wouldn't appreciate a nice brush and this one is certainly worth it especially since it's at such a low price.
It seems like Tis The Season is sold out of the 3-wick candle version currently online but this is by far my favorite holiday scent from Bath and Body Works! We are also using the hand soap in our bathroom and the scent is just so cheerful this time of year. Bath and Body Works consistently has great deals on candles this time of year- in fact yesterday was their annual $8.50 each sale (which explains why they are currently sold out of a ton of items) so keep an eye out because candles make great gifts for everyone!

Currently books one and two from the Harry Potter series have been released in illustrated editions and it's something any Harry Potter lover would love. They retail on Amazon at $23.99 and are just beautiful collectors items. I have both in my house currently and it's a beautiful way to read and appreciate these classic tales.

This is my favorite seasonal lotion scent from Bath and Body Works and if you keep your eye out you can get great deals on this as well! The ultra shea lotion can be paired with the shower gel to make a great gift for any girl in your life.

If you've been reading for any length of time you now that I absolutely love my birchbox!  The women's box retails for $10 a month and men's is $20 a month. The best part about this gift is that you can give it for Christmas and they will receive a box each month which is so fun- it keeps the gift going for as long as you like. You can do a three month, six month, or year long gift which gives your recipient plenty of time to decide if they want to continue subscribing.

Men's New England Patriots New Era Gray On-Field Sport Knit Hat with Pom

Know a sports fan? Well right now in the midst of football season it's great time to get that football fan some gear. There are great deals going on right now and you can buy everything including hats, scarves, socks, jerseys, sweatshirts, and more! A great choice for any sports fan. I am currently lusting over the Patriots hat pictured. Not that I wear hats much...but you know...
Image result for beats light blue

Beats are so expensive but they are seriously great headphones. I have had the chance to try them on several occasions and these are great for guys or girls. They are great for blocking out all other sound when you are listening to music (or an audiobook). There are a ton of different options to choose from as well. 
Image result for battlefield 1

Apparently if you are a video-gamer this is the game of the moment. Tim just recently got this and while I am not a video game person at all, if you have one in your life you might want to consider picking this up.  Just make sure you check what type of console your loved one has first! Another idea for a video game lover is a new controller- something that I've gifted Tim in the past and he has appreciated- controllers are expensive!
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We actually just picked up this particular LEGO Ninjago kit for Tim's nephew because it's on sale for $24.79, originally $40! Tim's nephews love LEGOs and they have some great sales this time of year. We just recently saw LEGO minecraft on sale at Target in store for 50% off. They were actually all sold out by the time we got there but what a great deal. We don't see a ton of deals on LEGOs but this time of year there are quite a few!

Some of my other favorite gifts to buy this time of year? 
  • Ornaments
  • Gift Cards
  • Candy and Other Food Treats
  • Big Electronics (SO MANY SALES!)
I have only a few more items and then I'm done- how much Christmas shopping have you completed?!