Monday, August 21, 2017

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Review

So. I think I've given it a fair shot...

and the verdict is....

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day is NOT my perfect hair day. 

I honestly had high hopes for this little bottle. Everything I heard was awesome and I really wanted to like it....

My hair is naturally like a lions mane. It's wavy/curly, really tangly, super thick and just big. I usually don't let people see my hair natural because it's just a mess and I don't like it but I had to wear it down this day at work just to test out the product.

Here I am heading into work. I had washed my hair and applied the product the night before and put my hair in a braided bun to help the product do it's magic waves.

My hair has natural waves anyways so this product didn't really create that for me. It just made my hair feel super dry and tangly.

You can see towards the back of my head my hair looks really tangled. It was and I absolutely hated having to leave my hair like this all day. Never again!

This product just made my hair feel damaged and I would much rather spend the time curling my hair to create nice waves then do this beachy look where my hair is untouchable. (Who would want to touch dry, tangled hair? Not me!)

So this was a flop. Such a bummer but at least now I know and hopefully can save you from buying this product!

Monday, August 14, 2017

Life Lately: BFFLS and 27 Dresses Diner Dates

Happy Monday ya'll and welcome back to another Life Lately post!

This weekend Tim and I were able to make the trek up to visit Rachel, Ant and Tilly! (Oh and Franklin too!)

We arrived to a very happy Tilly and she stayed so joyful the entire time we visited. She was so cute playing on the floor and working on pulling herself up into a standing position. She's getting so big so fast!

We don't all get together too often so it was nice to have time to chat and catch up! Rachel and Ant cooked us a steak tip dinner with mashed potatoes and broccoli which I forgot to photograph but it was delicious!

How cute is this polaroid?! Rachel has the Fujifilm instant camera so it was fun to see how to compares to my Polaroid version of the instant camera.

Tim and I brought dessert from a local bakery Sweet Cakes in Wakefield. They were delicious and I enjoyed an oreo one which was amazing!

We had a great time and it was sad to go since we don't see them often enough!

Yesterday morning I dragged Tim to Beacon Diner in East Greenwich where a scene from 27 Dresses was filmed.

If you've seen the movie.....You know the diner scene where Jane and Kevin have breakfast after the Benny and The Jets scene? Well we sat at the same exact booth they did in the movie!

From watching the movie you can see that they are two booths from the door and that booth was empty when we walked in so we quickly claimed it!

Tim was thrilled. Clearly.

The place was full of bikers interestingly enough but the coffee was good and I was just so excited I could've screamed!

They even have the same little jukebox from the movie on the table. We didn't play any music thought.

Our breakfast platters came out and they were yummy! Neither of us was a fan of the homefries but the other food was good. It definitely wasn't the best breakfast I've ever had but a really cool experiment nonetheless.

So if you're ever  in town you know where to go now!

Hope you had a great weekend!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Life Lately: Charlestown Seafood Festival

This past weekend we volunteered at the annual Charlestown Seafood Festival in the beer tent. I've been volunteering since I think 2005 since my best friend Brittni is in charge of the volunteers and I've dragged Tim along with me the last two years.

We chose the Sunday morning shift figuring it would go by quickly and wouldn't be too busy. It was actually quite busy but we had a good time pouring beer for a few hours.

Afterwards we headed off to find some food which is slightly difficult when neither of you like seafood. We did manage to find a snack that we loved last year...

Potato chips with melted cheese and bacon bits- so terrible for us but incredibly delicious!

We sat for awhile listening to the music and eating our chips. We were exhausted after standing all morning and it felt so nice to rest our feet.

We were still hungry and headed off looking for something more substantial.

Sunset Farms stand had all sorts of grilled items so Tim opted for the short rib grilled cheese and I chose a hot dog.

It filled us up and we were ready to hang out a bit longer.

We watched Heather and her daughters take some pictures with the lobsters that were being raffled off.

We also visited with Bella and Maddie. They are so cute!

Then our favorite little girl showed up ready to play.

It's not fun to pose for pictures when all you want to do is run!

She did enjoy climbing all over the table though and kept jumping into our arms before climbing back up :)

After playing for a little while we decided to head home since we needed to clean up after being covered in beer and get ready for the upcoming week.

I'll just leave you with this. It's called fashion, look it up.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Hair Products I'm Testing

I am testing a bunch of hair products out recently so I thought I would share them with you! I haven't determined my true feelings on any of them yet so you'll be hearing that later on but you can read my initial thoughts here.

First up is Living Proof Perfect Hair Day in-shower styler

I have only used this a handful of times and so far am not loving it. I have read so many positive reviews of this product which made me want to try it and have only heard how amazing it is so I reallllly want to like it. I will keep trying it to see if it gets any better. I am making sure to try it different ways (scrunching my hair, braiding it, putting it in a bun, etc...)

I just picked up this Garnier Fructis product this past weekend and really like the idea of being able to use products without any heat. I have only used this once and didn't think it did anything with my frizz. My hair is naturally very frizzy and a mix of waves and curls so it is tough to tame. I think I will try this out some different ways though and see if it works differently.

I love a good heat protectant and this Garnier Fructis one states it works with 450* and my straightener gets really hot so that is definitely a good thing. I have yet to try this but will definitely get back to you on what I think.

I use hair oil quite a bit when I have flyaways and my hair is extra frizzy. I just finished up the oil I was using and pulled this one from my drawer because I had used it a couple times previously and remember liking it. We will see if that opinion still stands!

Lastly is Nexxus Hair Spray which I use anytime I put my hair up in braids or a high bun. I really like the smell of this hairspray. It's not super strong smelling which is good but the hairspray works great without holding too much. I like to be able to move my hair if I want to which makes this hairspray a perfect fit so far.

So that's what I'm trying in the hair product world right now. I will keep you updated and you will see these products back in future empties posts with my final reactions!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Life Lately

Hey everyone! Hope your week is going well and you are still enjoying the summer heat. I absolutely love summers here in Rhode Island since I can't stand the cold. We've been trying to get out and do as much as possible on the weekends so I'm back to share some more of our fun!

Our weekend started off pretty rocky when last Friday I tried to eat my cereal with a fork, my boss was transferred to another division, and I unexpectedly had to work a second job cleaning after work. However everything ended up fine- I grabbed a spoon, work will be fine, and I had a great time cleaning with Sue!

Saturday was eventful in a totally different way. We met up with Ally and Derek for dinner at Outback and after stuffing ourselves with delicious food we headed to Blu On The Water a restaurant in East Greenwich. I'm not sure what I expected it to be but it was quite the party scene. At one point an extremely drunk man crashed his head into mine and kept saying "sorry, sorry sorry" as he threw all his weight onto me. When I took a step away he fell straight onto the floor. 

You can see his legs in the back of this picture...he was sleeping on the couch behind us. What a strange night!

We ended up leaving Blu after two drinks and walked down the road to Harborside where the crowd was a little bit older but the band was playing Tom Petty and everyone was dancing. It was definitely a fun night and I was tired by the end of it.

On Sunday morning we decided to go out for breakfast and ended up at Red Stripe in East Greenwich. It was an expensive meal and I wouldn't recommend it as much as other places we've eaten. It was just okay.

I do have to say that the coffee was delicious though!

After a nice breakfast we walked around East Greenwich for a bit before heading to my Papas birthday party at my parents house.

We lounged a bit in the backyard where my brother has quite a few tropical plants. It was pretty relaxing!

I love seeing my family and getting the chance to chat with everyone. We even had an old family friend come which was a surprise to all of us! 

I also made worms in the dirt and made my cousin Andrew take home the leftovers!

My papa is 83 and is still incredibly active! He is constantly out in the woods doing consulting (he was a forestry professor for years) and is amazing.

We had a great time and it was so nice to spend time wth everyone!

I also wanted to share this dinner from Monday night. I love the french onion soup at Richard's Pub in East Greenwich and get it every single time I go. Doesn't it look amazing?

We've also been binge watching Game of Thrones and are officially in season 3. It'll be awhile before we are caught up to everyone else though! :)