Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Getting Organized in 2017: Our Closet Revamp

Our closet was completely packed, completely packed. I decided it was time to go through my clothing and get rid of anything I haven't worn in awhile and anything I knew I wouldn't wear soon. I decided that while I was planning this project I would pick up some Huggable Hangers to create two to three times as much room in my closet! Since buying all new hangers is a little pricey I know this project will take me awhile to complete.

I ended up buying six packs of Huggable Hangers and man did they go quickly!

Here's where I started off, I had a few things in the wash but for the most part this is my closet. There were many items in here that I just didn't feel good wearing and I knew I needed to just get rid of them.

Look how many items I was able to fit more comfortably with the Huggable Hangers! I also donated a ton of items along the way which was great.

I still have quite a few items that need to be transferred onto new hangers, I just need to save up for my next set of hangers!

Although I didn't take pictures of Tim's side of the closet once he realized I was cleaning out my wardrobe he decided to do the same! (I love when he gets motivated to clean up!) We ended up with a ton of hangers between the clothes we got rid of and the clothes we moved onto the new hangers. 

I ended up with two bags of clothes and accessories and Tim ended up with thee bags of his clothes (unpictured). We ended up donating them last weekend and it feels so freeing to have all of those gone! I will keep you updated as out whole closet gets changed over to our new hangers and we gain more room. I will also keep you updated as I organize other areas of our apartment this year!

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