Saturday, January 7, 2017

Less Stuff Less Stress: Using Products Up in 2017

So last year I started using the saying "Less Stuff Less Stress" as I attempted to get rid of items and create a simpler life. 

I'm on the journey again this year because I have accumulated far too much stuff yet again! Well, I don't think I've brought too much stuff in this year, I think I just have too much stuff to begin with and have trouble getting rid of things that I consider useful. My greatest weakness is certainly products.

To show you what I'm talking about I laid all of my lotions out on a towel...

Holy crap right? Now where did all this stuff come from?

Most of the Bath and Body Works lotions are things I actually purchased. Whether it was a great sale, a free item, or just me walking in and insisting I needed something they were mostly me.

I know for sure I purchased the Pure Seduction lotions from Victoria's Secret on recommendation from Elle Fowler's youtube.

Lots of the other items I got for free during couponing or were gifted to me.

No matter how I ended up with them, they are my problem now! This year I will NOT buy products until I use up what I have.

I know for certain I will not finish up all my lotion in a year but some other items I may have to repurchase this year. I only have one face lotion once that is gone I am allowed to purchase another. There are certain items like deodorant or mascara that I don't purchase in bulk so I will need to replace those.

This is the year I get my products under control and I hope you will come along for my journey :)

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