Sunday, March 12, 2017

Spice Cabinet Organization

I recently watched a video on Youtube that involved pantry organization and I immediately knew that I needed to get my spices organized. This cabinet drove me crazy and I honestly didn't go into it much at all. I decided that it was time to get all of our spices into the same containers.

Here is where we started. I know that many of you would be un-concerned with the state it was in but disorganization like this drives me insane! I hated seeing all the different containers.

If you've been reading along for any length of time you know that the first step to every project is to empty out the space and that's exactly what I did. I also wiped down the cupboard so it would all be nice and clean.

Now as I was cleaning this space out I found a few items that I was ready to part ways with. Did we really need our souvenir cups from a Pawsox game and from Six Flags? No, we didn't! I also had a bistro set that I had an emotionally hard time parting with, but I've never opened it so why was I still holding onto it?! This made quite a difference in the amount of space I had to work with.

When I pulled everything out I made sure to take inventory on what exactly we had so I could consider organization options.

I ended up purchasing these containers from World Market. For $6 you get 6 containers which makes them very affordable. I purchased four sets of them and it ended up being the exact perfect amount I needed!

As you can see above I started off just using my label maker but didn't like the way it looked. So I ended up finding free chalkboard label printable online and creating some labels of my own!

I'm obsessed with how good they look! I love the look of chalkboard labels but this way I was able to get that look but not have to handwrite everything myself. I think the typing looks so much better and is definitely easier to read.

My last purchase was this Expand-A-Shelf which I think ties it all in! Now my spices are all lined up beautifully and I can see every single one!  I am still working on a plan for the other side of the cabinet, I am thinking a lazy susan will be purchased for that side! I will let you see the end result when I have one,

Enjoy the res t of your weekend everyone!

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