Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The Pantry Project

So our pantry has been a source of frustration for me for quite some time. The pantry is rather small and only has four shelves. I was finding that we didn't know what we had because there was so much shoved into those shelves. We we would end up buying more boxes of pasta, more sugar, etc because we didn't know we had a ton in the back hiding. 

So I had a plan...and off to the Container Store we went!

The Container Store is my favorite store because there are so many options! We spent a great deal of time wandering around but we were able to decide on getting an Elfa system for the inside of our door very quickly. 

Here is a picture of everything we picked up at The Container Store. I picked up the Elfa system pieces including two large baskets and two medium baskets. I also bought a Lazy Susan and a jewelry polishing cloth.

Before I show you our pantry let's go back to my spice cabinet where the Lazy Susan ended up.

Look how nice it looks! I think I will have to post a before and after of this in an additional post so you guys can see the difference. I love it!

Now on to the pantry...

This was the before where everything was just shoved into the shelves. When we brought the Elfa system home the first thing I did was clean out the entire pantry. Unfortunately the piece that was supposed to fit our closet was too long so we actually brought it back to the store the following day. I was shocked to learn that they actually would cut it down for us! They did this for free and it was amazing!

Here's our pantry emptied onto the floor. Putting everything back is always the most fun.

This is not a complete after picture because I still have plans to buy more clear containers and make the shelves look even better.  I am excited for this project because I think that this will help us live in a  more organized and simple way!

I will keep you updated on this project as I go forward. How is your pantry organized?

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