Monday, May 8, 2017

April Empties and Declutter

I finished up a few products this month and decluttered a bunch as well so I figured it was time for a monthly update!

Here are all my empties:

I finished up quite a few products for just one month. I seemed to be at the tail end of quite a few things.

For laundry products I finished a bag of Tide Pods with Downy, a container of Purex laundry detergent, and a container of Purex Crystals. I have been using the Tide Pods and Purex Crystals with every wash and the Purex was my backup.

I finished one candle this month which was Birthday Cake which I picked up in Home Goods last summer. I did like it, but it definitely smelt better in the container then it did while it was burning. I will not be repurchasing it in the future. I finished a small bottle of Dawn dish soap. I'm not picky about which one I use but I kept picking up the green one because Tim loves the color green and that's the one he picks. I will keep getting it because I love Dawn, it works great. I finished two hand soaps from Bath and Body Works. The first is Fresh Sparkling Snow which is my new favorite winter scent. I loved this soap and I will 100% be repurchasing it next winter. Vanilla Bean Noel is a good staple but I don't love it like I love Fresh Sparkling Snow. Tim really loved the scent though so it will be something I repurchase in the future for him :)

I thought the CHI Iron Guard was okay. It definitely got the job done but isn't my favorite hair protectant. I may buy it again in the future but I am trying different ones to find one that I love. I finished a mini Careone nail polish remover which was nothing special, I'm not picky about my nail polish remover. I also finished a body spray from Victorias Secret which was in the scent Vanilla Lace. This was a nice spray that I received in a gift set but is not something I will repurchase in the future. The scent was light and sweet and definitely up my ally but I much prefer a perfume to a body spray.

I love all Skintimate shave gels. This scent raspberry rain is great and works really well. I will keep repurchasing Skintimate shave gels especially when I get them from couponing. The Bath and Body Works Ultra Shea cream I finished is in the scent Fresh Sparkling Snow. I am so glad I have a backup of this because I literally squeezed out every last bit I loved it so much! I am a huge fan of this scent and will be stocking up like crazy next year. (I pray they bring it back!) Another Bath and Body Works product I finished up is a shower gel in the scent in Be Enchanted. I really liked this scent as well it's a really sweet scent but smells great and is something I would definitely repurchase in the future. I also love to get these small bottles when I have a freebie coupon because shower gel is something I like to change up often and having these small bottles allows me to finish one entirely before moving onto another scent.

I used up two mascaras; the first is Loreal Telescopic which is an old favorite. The wand on this was actually super annoying and kind of broken when I first pulled it out so I did the best I could but it was super annoying. I do love how thin and tiny the wand is and how dry the mascara is so it doesn't make my lashes super wet and clumpy. I also finished an Arrow Endure Mascara which I believe came from a Birchbox. I found this wand to be too big and the formula was too wet, not something I would purchase in the future. I also used up two Cake Batter Chapsticks which I will keep repurchasing because it is my number one most used product!

And here are all the products I decluttered...

I'm not going to review every product because I honestly didn't give any of them a really good chance. I am tossing the concealers because they are old and wrong colors for me and I will never use them. The face products are expired and I've had them so long that they aren't worth using any more. The highlight is the wrong color for my skin, the oil is something I would never put on my skin, the blush is wayyyyy too red. The insect repellant needs to be replaced since I purchased it over a year ago. Finally all the eyeliners I'm tossing because I prefer more of a crayon liner not a pencil and also I will never wear purple...I just won't.

So say goodbye to all those products! I can't believe how much I finished up and got rid of this month. I will be sharing more at the end of May I'm sure since I am working on finishing up as much as possible and am still working on my no buy!

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