Monday, June 12, 2017

My Morning Pickup Routine

Happy Monday everyone!

Today is a happy monday for me since I am using one of my vacation days :)

Since I had the day off I decided to set up the tripod and take some pictures of my morning pickup routine to share it with you! 

Every morning whether I work or not I try to get three things done before I leave my apartment. Let's get real though...sometimes these things don't happen. Our apartment is not always perfect, it's not always clean but when I get these three things done before I leave for the day I know I'm walking in to a picked up apartment.

1. Make The Bed

The first thing I do is make our bed. Sometimes Tim will help me when we are getting ready in the morning. We basically just pull all the blankets up. I don't like to feel tucked into my bed, I prefer to have the sheets loose so as long as it looks neat I don't get fussy with it!

I also fold my pajamas and place them on the bed. This way I'm ready to get in my comfy clothes when I'm in for the night.

2.  Pickup The Living Room

It doesn't take long for us to make a mess of our living room. The pillows get out of whack, the throw blankets end up where they don't belong, and junk just gets left on every surface.

So much junk.

I have a specific order I like the pillows and how I think they look best so I always put them back in their places.

Folding the blankets is a quick way to make the space look better and organized.

This table tends to collect all of our junk. There is always trash waiting to be thrown away, stuff I haven't put away, water bottles, etc..If you can't tell Tim bought me Beauty and The Beast this weekend! Love that guy :)

Once everything is put away though, it looks so much better!

Doesn't that look way better? Much nicer to walk into that after a long day at work then the mess I started with!

3. Dishes

Even if there are only a couple of things in the sink I try to do the dishes before I leave. If I get them all done and in the drying rack it just makes the kitchen so much cleaner looking. 

So, those are the three parts of my morning pickup routine and the three things that help me keep a clean apartment. It usually takes me less then 10 minutes and is such a quick thing to do which has such a big impact.

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