Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Life Lately

Only a couple of things to share with you guys in this Life Lately post!

The most exciting event was attending Brittni and Stephen's Gender Reveal! I went to Brittni's dad's house along with her family members  to find out what their second baby will be. Emma wasn't overly thrilled to be part of a photo shoot but it was a super cute event.

Brittni's sister Katie filled the box with black and white balloons to throw us all off, I thought they were dark blue at first!

Then came the pink ribbon so we knew it was a girl! Emma is going to have a little sister! <3

Emma didn't like being in the box either. She was super tired poor thing. 

I am so thrilled to be a part of this family's life and can't wait to meet the newest little girl!

Tim's sister got a kitten who I met the other day.....

Pip is adorable! She was a little scared of us at first but she made us want to get a kitten so badly!

We had a goodbye party for one of my co-workers at Whalers Brewery which was super fun. I didn't take any other pictures but we had a great time despite it being super hot in there!

Lastly, just a funny picture...

I found these in the grocery store and just thought it was funny since it was our names =)

That's all for today, enjoy your day!

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