Monday, August 7, 2017

Hair Products I'm Testing

I am testing a bunch of hair products out recently so I thought I would share them with you! I haven't determined my true feelings on any of them yet so you'll be hearing that later on but you can read my initial thoughts here.

First up is Living Proof Perfect Hair Day in-shower styler

I have only used this a handful of times and so far am not loving it. I have read so many positive reviews of this product which made me want to try it and have only heard how amazing it is so I reallllly want to like it. I will keep trying it to see if it gets any better. I am making sure to try it different ways (scrunching my hair, braiding it, putting it in a bun, etc...)

I just picked up this Garnier Fructis product this past weekend and really like the idea of being able to use products without any heat. I have only used this once and didn't think it did anything with my frizz. My hair is naturally very frizzy and a mix of waves and curls so it is tough to tame. I think I will try this out some different ways though and see if it works differently.

I love a good heat protectant and this Garnier Fructis one states it works with 450* and my straightener gets really hot so that is definitely a good thing. I have yet to try this but will definitely get back to you on what I think.

I use hair oil quite a bit when I have flyaways and my hair is extra frizzy. I just finished up the oil I was using and pulled this one from my drawer because I had used it a couple times previously and remember liking it. We will see if that opinion still stands!

Lastly is Nexxus Hair Spray which I use anytime I put my hair up in braids or a high bun. I really like the smell of this hairspray. It's not super strong smelling which is good but the hairspray works great without holding too much. I like to be able to move my hair if I want to which makes this hairspray a perfect fit so far.

So that's what I'm trying in the hair product world right now. I will keep you updated and you will see these products back in future empties posts with my final reactions!

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