Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Life Lately: Charlestown Seafood Festival

This past weekend we volunteered at the annual Charlestown Seafood Festival in the beer tent. I've been volunteering since I think 2005 since my best friend Brittni is in charge of the volunteers and I've dragged Tim along with me the last two years.

We chose the Sunday morning shift figuring it would go by quickly and wouldn't be too busy. It was actually quite busy but we had a good time pouring beer for a few hours.

Afterwards we headed off to find some food which is slightly difficult when neither of you like seafood. We did manage to find a snack that we loved last year...

Potato chips with melted cheese and bacon bits- so terrible for us but incredibly delicious!

We sat for awhile listening to the music and eating our chips. We were exhausted after standing all morning and it felt so nice to rest our feet.

We were still hungry and headed off looking for something more substantial.

Sunset Farms stand had all sorts of grilled items so Tim opted for the short rib grilled cheese and I chose a hot dog.

It filled us up and we were ready to hang out a bit longer.

We watched Heather and her daughters take some pictures with the lobsters that were being raffled off.

We also visited with Bella and Maddie. They are so cute!

Then our favorite little girl showed up ready to play.

It's not fun to pose for pictures when all you want to do is run!

She did enjoy climbing all over the table though and kept jumping into our arms before climbing back up :)

After playing for a little while we decided to head home since we needed to clean up after being covered in beer and get ready for the upcoming week.

I'll just leave you with this. It's called fashion, look it up.

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