Monday, August 28, 2017

Life Lately: Lotus Flowers, Peeka, and Kayaking

I'm back with just a little update on what's been going on in my life lately so let's jump right in!

Locally in Rhode Island there is a small pond that has humongous lotus flowers and I made Tim take me one day so I could snap a few pictures.

The pictures honestly do not do them justice and they are only around for a very short period of time so if you want to see them in person you have to hurry once you hear they are out!

Tim was such a good sport taking selfies and looking at flowers although he did admit that they were pretty cool.

Brittni texted us in the late afternoon that day asking if we wanted to meet them for dinner, which of course we did because when Emma is involved there is always live entertainment! We all laughed as she covered her eyes then uncovered them and yelled "PEEKA!" then we all were expected to yell "BOO!" back at her. She laughed and laughed.

Clearly this kid knows her audience and how much control she has over all of us.

After a yummy dinner at Not Your Average Joes (the bread and oil is AH-MAZING!) we said our goodbyes and Tim and I stopped for some ice cream!

One of my favorite things about summer is getting ice cream in the evenings and we haven't done that nearly enough this year.

Also I recently was able to enjoy my lunch time with this little one at the playground.

The face of pure joy!

Tim's family does a kayaking trip every year and this summer was no exception! You can see recaps of our past kayaking trips here and here.

This year we took a slightly different route since the one we'd been doing the last couple of years was impassible. However the route we took also had its fair share of obstacles and plenty of rocks to get stuck on!

Just waiting for everyone to get into the water and join us!

At one point I was wayyyyyy ahead of everyone else because everyone got stuck and I just slid right past. I think that kayaking can certainly be all luck. If you choose the correct path you can just get really lucky and make it through

Tim and I were actually separated for the majority of the trip which was strange since we normally go in a two person kayak but we just ended up socializing with different groups which  meant we had a lot to share afterwards!

I love getting the chance to hang out with this girl! Danielle is Dans girlfriend (Tim's brother Dan- not to be confused with my brother Dan) and she is one of the nicest people you will ever meet! We kayaked near each other for a good portion of the afternoon and I enjoyed catching up with her.

We were quite the crowd with Tim's parents, Tim and his four siblings, all their significant others, Tim's two nephews, his cousin Derek  and his girlfriend Ally, and his aunt Cindy and cousins Joe and Catherine. It was quite the day!

I was very sore at the end of it all and ready to relax at home! We ended up going to dinner with Derek and Ally at Dan's Place (one of our favorite restaurants in West Greenwich, RI) which was a great way to relax and recap the day. Then I proceeded to be sore for the following three days!

Did you guys get out to see the eclipse?

This is the best picture I got but man was it cool!

We were lucky enough to have a welding mask at work and some safety glass so we could take a look.

Then lastly, look what arrived in the mail...

It's almost time for our trip! :)

That's all for today! Thanks for stopping by!

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