Saturday, September 30, 2017

Fall Decor 2017

I love getting my apartment decorated for any time of year but fall is definitely up there as one of my favorite decorating times!

I mostly decorate the living room since that is where we spend most of our time. There's not much room in our kitchen for decor and I don't really bother decorating our bedroom at this point.

So here's what I have out decor-wise this fall.

This Mickey Mouse candle holder came from our recent trip to Disney World. I thought it was so cute and knew I had to have it! I love buying seasonal decor items while traveling because they are something I can enjoy year to year but isn't out taking up space all the time.

This pumpkin votive holder I've had for awhile and I think I purchased it at either Kohls or Pier 1. It's heavy duty and I love how it looks.

Both of those items and my fake leaves sit on my tv stand. These fake leaves came from my mom and I love having them draped across the tv stand. I don't usually pick orange tones for my house so having them pop up during the fall is fun.

I can't remember where this leaf candle came from but  will never burn it because it's so cute. It has stayed in pretty good condition for being dragged in and out of storage for a few years.

These window decals came from Target I believe and Tim complimented them when he arrived home the other day. I was able to use them last year too so I have definitely gotten my use out of them. I may invest in some new ones when they go on sale this year!

This little pumpkin votive holder came from Kohls and I like it but it is lightweight and a little flimsy.

I bought this little orange container with an owl pendant from Kohls on sale a couple of years ago. I thought the owl was really cute.

I stuck my little scarecrow and little witch together on the top shelf of my ladder shelf. The scarecrow  came from Pier 1 and I think the witch came from my mom.

I picked up this Hocus Pocus pumpkin from Christmas Tree Shop a few years ago and still pull it out every year.

My favorite fall candle is from Bath and Body Works in the leaves scent. I get this candle every year and it smells amazing!

Finally, in the bathroom I used some more window decals. Don't mind the empty towel holder-I was doing laundry and hadn't replaced the towels yet :)

What do you do to decorate for fall? Does your decor completely cover your space or do you have a few pieces like I do?

Happy fall ya'll!

Friday, September 29, 2017

Disney Vacation Part Two: Magic Kingdom

Our first day in Disney we got SO MUCH done! I am splitting this day into multiple parts due to the amount of pictures I have to share and the amount of information I have to share with you.

Now, what I'm about to say is going to sound terrible..let me just warn you in advance. 

The hurricane worked out insanely well in our favor.

Yes, I am a terrible person.

However, we were able to ride usually busy rides over and over again. There were times we looked around and saw nobody else around us. The park was pretty much dead and in all the times I've been to Disney I've never seen the park this empty. I've never been able to get on rides so quickly. It was a small miracle in our favor. Once again...I am a terrible person but we used it to our advantage. 

We started our day by seeing some gorgeous palm trees. 

The world is always better when there are palm trees.

We decided to head to Magic Kingdom to start off our trip!

The Disney buses were awesome and pretty much always ran on time. Magic Kingdom just happened  to be the furthest park from our resort.

I decided to purchase the photo pass option which was $200 but I found that it was worth every penny. I did take my own pictures and you'll see some selfies included in my posts but I knew it would make it easier to have the photo pass and know that we could get our picture taken together. I wanted to make sure we got our moneys worth so we did take advantage of getting our pictures taken as often as possible.

I really did think it was worth it if you want to get pictures together and not have to worry about asking people to take pictures with your own phone or camera all the time. For the $200 I was able to download all of the pictures and have the rights to print them as I want. So worth it!

For my outfit details: Black tanktop is from Old Navy, white shorts are LC Lauren Conrad from Kohls, my bag is Michael Kors via TJ Maxx and my sneakers are my new Nikes.

I'd just like to point out how white I am compared to Tim! You'd think I never get out in the sunlight!

You're going to see a lot of similar pictures but I think it will give you a good idea of what pictures you can get with the photo pass and if it's worth it for you to buy it when you take a Disney trip.

After we entered the park I became just as excited as I was the first time I saw the castle. Theres something about Disney that instantly makes you feel like a child again. It truly is the happiest place on earth!

I've never been during fall before and the decorations were fantastic! I loved all the orange pumpkins and leaves everywhere and it made me excited to decorate my apartment for fall.

The first thing we did was head into the town hall to meet Mickey Mouse. I had decided we were taking as many pictures as possible with characters to get the most use out of our photo pass and there was only a five minute wait for Mickey so we figured we would go inside.

Now this Mickey was a little creepy because he talked. If you've been to Disney in the past you know that non-face characters generally don't talk but this one did. (Side note: none of the other Mickeys spoke)

When we walked in he said "Wow, you made it!" and as we took pictures kept saying "Cheese! Cheese!" It was a little creepy and I don't know how I would've reacted as a kid to him.

 However, Emma apparently loved the pictures of us with Mickey since she has been obsessed with him lately.

After meeting Mickey we walked down Main Street and got our picture taken in front of the castle.

Since we had a 9:40 fast pass scheduled for Space Mountain we decided to head over to Tomorrowland and ride Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin which is usually a pretty popular ride. We walked directly onto the ride without a wait.

If you've never been on before it's a ride through the galaxy where you shoot a laser gun at targets and try to beat the person next to you. The cart you ride in also spins around which  you can control using a joy stick. Tim did beat me... but keep that in mind as I continue with these updates.

As we were leaving the ride we saw Stitch walk out and of course we had to meet him!

I think Stitch is hilarious! He is one of my favorite characters because I think he's so cute. My mom hates him- she thinks he's annoying and I constantly torment her with photos of him.

After meeting Stitch we headed to Space Mountain to use our fast pass and we walked right on the ride. I think Space Mountain is a pretty good rollercoaster but definitely not my favorite.

There weren't any other rides that we decided to go on in Tomorrowland so we headed over to Fantasyland next.

I absolutely love the newest section of Fantasyland and the fact that there is a dedicated section to Beauty and The Beast (my favorite movie!)

We took some pictures in front of the beasts castle and you'll notice that my hair has already been pulled up. It was HOT out, wayyyyy too hot for my hair to stay down. 

After taking some pictures we walked over to Gaston's Tavern to meet the one and only Gaston!

The line for Gaston was a little long but he was hilarious. We laughed so much as he said "It was nice to meet me" to everyone as they left the line. He kept saying that he and Belle were getting married later in the day and saying he would see us at the wedding.

After meeting Gaston we headed over to Journey of the Little Mermaid. This ride is fairly new I've only been on it once before but it's super cute. It basically runs through the story from The Little Mermaid. 

Once we finished this ride we went to Mickey's Philharmagic, Peter Pan's Flight and Haunted Mansion before we decided to eat some lunch. Mickey's Philharmagic is a 3D show where water squirts at you, you can smell what's on the screen and Donald Duck spends time in multiple Disney films. I think it's a must-see in Magic Kingdom because it's so cute. Peter Pan's Flight is a classic ride that brings you through the story from Peter Pan. We waited for about ten minutes for this ride and although it's entertaining I don't think it's a must-do if the line is long. Kids would certainly enjoy it though! Haunted Mansion is the ultimate classic Disney ride and very well done but I'll talk about it more in a future post.

Our lunch that I forgot to take a picture of was from Peco Bills in Frontierland. Tim ate tacos and I had some nachos and they were just okay. It was definitely nice to get out of the sun and heat for a little bit though. After we finished lunch we headed to Thunder Mountain Railroad which we originally had a fast pass for but we ended up cancelling it because there was no line so we were able to walk right onto the ride.

While in Frontierland we were both bummed because Splash Mountain is currently closed for refurbishment. So we headed over to Adventureland and walked right on to Pirates of the Caribbean. I'll talk about this ride later too :)

I convinced Tim to meet Rapunzel and Tiana. Rapunzel commented that I had brought my ruffian with me and kept talking about hitting Eugene with a frying pain. Tim was a little confused because he couldn't remember if he had seen Tangled or not yet.

She was definitely one of the friendliest characters we met throughout our entire time in Disney.

Tiana was really sweet as well.

We had a little time left before our next fast pass so we decided to go over and meet Goofy, Donald, Minnie and Daisy. Be prepared for a ton of pictures....

Donald was definitely the most enthusiastic of all four characters but they were all fun!

While we waited for our fast pass we headed down Main Street to watch the afternoon parade.

This new parade is called Festival of Fantasy and it was really nice!

The floats are so intricate and it was fun to see all the characters in one place.

When the seven dwarves walked by one of them stopped and motioned to Tim's beard which we both found hilarious!

After the parade we headed over to our fast pass to go on the Seven Dwarves Mine Train. This was a ride that was still being completed last time I was in Disney so I was excited to ride it. It wasn't the longest rollercoaster so I definitely wouldn't wait in a long line to go on it but it was definitely worth going on. I would recommend a fast pass for this if you are interested because even in a pretty dead park the line was longer then I would want to wait in. 

After riding we headed out of the park and decided to park hop over to Epcot....

To be continued in part 3!