Saturday, September 30, 2017

Fall Decor 2017

I love getting my apartment decorated for any time of year but fall is definitely up there as one of my favorite decorating times!

I mostly decorate the living room since that is where we spend most of our time. There's not much room in our kitchen for decor and I don't really bother decorating our bedroom at this point.

So here's what I have out decor-wise this fall.

This Mickey Mouse candle holder came from our recent trip to Disney World. I thought it was so cute and knew I had to have it! I love buying seasonal decor items while traveling because they are something I can enjoy year to year but isn't out taking up space all the time.

This pumpkin votive holder I've had for awhile and I think I purchased it at either Kohls or Pier 1. It's heavy duty and I love how it looks.

Both of those items and my fake leaves sit on my tv stand. These fake leaves came from my mom and I love having them draped across the tv stand. I don't usually pick orange tones for my house so having them pop up during the fall is fun.

I can't remember where this leaf candle came from but  will never burn it because it's so cute. It has stayed in pretty good condition for being dragged in and out of storage for a few years.

These window decals came from Target I believe and Tim complimented them when he arrived home the other day. I was able to use them last year too so I have definitely gotten my use out of them. I may invest in some new ones when they go on sale this year!

This little pumpkin votive holder came from Kohls and I like it but it is lightweight and a little flimsy.

I bought this little orange container with an owl pendant from Kohls on sale a couple of years ago. I thought the owl was really cute.

I stuck my little scarecrow and little witch together on the top shelf of my ladder shelf. The scarecrow  came from Pier 1 and I think the witch came from my mom.

I picked up this Hocus Pocus pumpkin from Christmas Tree Shop a few years ago and still pull it out every year.

My favorite fall candle is from Bath and Body Works in the leaves scent. I get this candle every year and it smells amazing!

Finally, in the bathroom I used some more window decals. Don't mind the empty towel holder-I was doing laundry and hadn't replaced the towels yet :)

What do you do to decorate for fall? Does your decor completely cover your space or do you have a few pieces like I do?

Happy fall ya'll!

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