Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Haul: Sephora (lots of freebies)

So I did something bad you guys...

I ordered something new that I realllllly didn't need....

Yes! The Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette is all mine! I've wanted this beautiful palette for awhile so I gave in and ordered it a couple of weeks ago. I know I don't need a new palette but here she is in all her glory!

The colors are gorgeous and the palette itself smells like chocolate which basically makes it my favorite palette ever. So far I am loving wearing peanut butter and truffled and that has been my go-to  almost every day.

Now, I didn't come here just to show off this palette but I wanted to show you all the freebies I got as well. In addition to my three free samples I simply put a promo code in and received a huge bag full of hair care samples.

There are so many new things to try! One of my favorite things about is the extensive number of promo codes. Every time I order I make sure to go through the list and find the one I want the most. I chose hair products this time since I know I love to try out different haircare samples.

I'm very happy with my order and have been having the best time playing with my new products!

Have you placed any Sephora orders lately?

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