Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Organized Cookware

Long time no organizing projects! Let's change that today and I'll show you my recent re-organization of my cookware. 

I think we are growing out of our apartment slowly but surely. I'm noticing as we acquire more items we need, our kitchen feels smaller and smaller. I try to declutter and keep our possessions to a minimum as much as possible, but sometimes there are things we need- such as different kinds of cookware and one cupboard wasn't able to hold it neatly anymore.

So I ended up purchasing a pan organizer from Amazon with the idea that it would solve all of my problems.

It's such a simple concept but it truly did make a difference since I was able to use some vertical space to keep these pans.

Pretty good! The only problem is that is only four pans. I ended up moving quite a few of the items that previously lived in this cupboard into other cupboards. There was too much going on in here and it stressed me out every time I needed to grab something!

Here's what ended up staying in here...

I would like to eventually grab a desk organizer to keep my cutting boards organized but I think for now it looks pretty good! It's a much cleaner look and I'm not scared to open those doors anymore!

Here's what found new homes...

My cookie trays, pizza pan and muffin tin went into the drawer under the stove which was completely empty.

My strainer went to the top of the pantry where I just made a little bit of room.

I'm very happy with how this turned out and I think our kitchen will work a lot better for us!

What organizing projects have you completed lately?

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