Friday, October 20, 2017

Disney Vacation Part Eight: Be Our Guest Dinner

I know you guys are going to hate me. If you are keeping track we are still on day 4 of our vacation (well 5 if you are counting our travel day) and we are already on part 8. I know I have a picture problem and I'm not exactly known for not having anything to say (Tim will tell you I don't shut up most of the time) so I guess it makes sense. Today's blog is about my favorite dinner we had during our trip simply because it was Beauty and The Beast themed.

The Be Our Guest restaurant is located inside the Beast's castle in Magic Kingdom. I have been there once before for lunch with my mom but at dinner you get to meet the Beast which I was looking forward to for months.

We arrived way before our reservation so we spent quite a bit of time hanging out on the bridge waiting to be called.

We were really lucky to be able to see the backside of the fireworks show! We ended up seeing the show later in our trip but watched the fireworks portion as waited to be called. 

Finally it was our turn (we had a 9pm reservation) and we were seated on the far side of the main dining room near the magical windows that made it appear to be snowing outside.

Our napkins were folded into roses which we realized is not that difficult to do and I decided I would do that with all napkins from then on. Just kidding, we don't use cloth napkins. We aren't that fancy.

I knew I wanted to try the french onion soup so both Tim and I got bowls as an appetizer. It was just okay but it may be because I love the french onion soup at a local restaurant near us and I have a hard time with change. It may also be that I've had french onion soup in France and nothing can ever compare to that ;)

We also had rolls with butter so I thought I would photograph that for your viewing pleasure.

I picked the grilled strip steak as my entree. The steak was very good, the french fries were thick, steak fries which I loved. I ate most of my steak and enjoyed it a lot!

Tim had the braised beef and said it was good as well.

I was most excited about getting a dessert to share (fight over).

They brought the dessert cart right over to the table which made it extremely tempting to order one of everything but we decided on getting the grey stuff.

If you've ever seen Beauty and the Beast you know when they say "Try the grey stuff it's delicious"?

Well it is. Trust me!

This is picture of our table in the corner of the dining room.

After we were finished eating and had paid our bill we decided to walk around the other rooms before meeting the beast.

Sometimes instead of eating in the main dining room you can eat in the west wing or the room with Belle's music box. We decided to walk around both of them.

Then it was time to meet Beast! I felt just like a little kid again when the Beast danced with me!

My favorite part was when he turned around and pretended to notice Tim for the first time and was shocked. It was really cute! Then he commented on Tim's beard. So he was the millionth character on our trip to do so..

It was such a fun dinner and I'm so happy we went.

Before heading back to the hotel we got our picture taken in front of the castle while we were all cleaned up and looking nice.

It was another magical evening at Disney World!

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