Saturday, October 28, 2017

Disney Vacation Part Eleven: Epcot and Fantasmic

Oh we are on our last day in Disney. It has taken me an entire month to get through these recaps but I decided to treat you guys to a Saturday edition to get everything wrapped up. 

On the last day we decided to head to Epcot since we had yet to make it through all the countries so we knew we wanted to walk around a bit more.

The first thing I did though?

Get some loaded mac and cheese of course! It was so good!

We started our country trek in Canada where Tim got some cheddar soup. I tasted it and thought it was okay, Tim liked it enough to eat it all but stated it wasn't what he expected.

We decided to watch the Canada film which made me want to visit Canada so much. I've never been to Canada (Tim has) but I think we need to add it to our bucket list.

The Disney version of Canada is certainly beautiful!

Next up was the UK. We walked through the shops and saw Mary Poppins from a distance but didn't spend a ton of time there. I've been to London in the past but would love to go back someday with Tim!

In France we wandered through the stores as well and looked at the food menus. We had decided on eating in Mexico but wanted to see if anything in France appealed to us. We ended up moving on fairly quickly since we were there earlier in the week meeting Belle. (France is another place I would like to go back with Tim some day!)

In Morocco we could've stood in line to meet Aladdin and Jasmine but we decided we were a little charactered out at this point and wanted to move on.

Morocco is a really pretty section though and there are a lot of cool things in the stores.

Japan was up next!

I purchased Pocky while there which is basically chocolate covered sticks. They are delicious and I knew I had to get them when I saw them.

We headed over to the American Adventure where Tim got a beer. We didn't stay long here since there wasn't much to see in this section.

We passed through Italy, Germany, China, and Norway all of which we had wandered through previously and eventually found our way to Mexico where we planned on eating lunch.

Our shirts were purchased in Disney Springs during this trip and are so funny. My mine is Leia and says "I love you" and Tim's is Han Solo and says "I know" 

We saw another couple wearing them earlier in the week and Tim mentioned getting them and I was onboard immediately!

After taking some pictures we headed inside to eat some lunch.

The San Angel Inn is a place I have never eaten before but Tim noticed it when we were in Mexico earlier in the week and suggested it.

It was a really cute restaurant and the food was decent.

It definitely wasn't my favorite meal we ate in Disney but I enjoyed the company :)

I wanted to bring Stitch home because my mom hates him. I have no idea why my mom dislikes him so much but I think it's hilarious.

We decided to take our afternoon break and headed back to the hotel for a bit. I took a few pictures of the hotel to share with you guys.

This is the cafeteria...

The pool...

Our hotel decor...

Our sad mugs...

For our last night in Disney we headed back to Hollywood Studios to see Fantasmic. I had selected fast passes earlier in the week but it didn't appear to matter, the place was packed!

Anyways, before we headed to Fantasmic we decided to have dinner at Backlot Express which is cafeteria style. We both had chicken nuggets and brought our mugs from the hotel so we could fill up for free.

Then Tim decided he had to have a funnel cake so we stopped for one of those.

Fantasmic is definitely a cute show, it has always been my favorite...until this trip. Now Happily Ever After is my favorite and this has fallen to second place. However it's still excellent and a must see if you're there!

And with that we conclude our Disney Vacation.

11 Blog Posts
4 Parks
7 Days In The Parks
4 Mickey Encounters
A million Naps

It was the best vacation I've ever taken and I got to spend an entire uninterrupted week with my love!

I hope we "see you real soon" Mickey!

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