Monday, October 9, 2017

Disney Vacation Part Five: Animal Kingdom

After a couple hours at the hotel where we swam and changed into new clothes we were feeling like brand new people and were ready to head back to Animal Kingdom and get some dinner!

Tim chose Restauarantosaurus which has basic quick service food. The chicken nuggets were good but nothing special. We were excited to finish dinner so we could head to Pandora which is a brand new section of Animal Kingdom.

 I can't even begin to tell you how beautiful this part of the park is! They did an incredible job making it look just like the movie Avatar.  We walked around for a bit first because we wanted to see every last bit of it!

I can't believe how they managed to make this world come to life. Everything was life size and amazing.

Check out Tim's Hakuna Matata shirt from Kohls- he picked it out himself :)

Now, both Tim and I have seen Avatar but it was years ago and neither of us could remember much about it so we ended up watching the movie after we got home and Disney did insanely well bringing everything to life.

This was the only part of the park where there were actually crowds of people around which was simply because it's brand new.

Tim looks thrilled right?

After walking around for awhile we decided to get in line for the ride we did not have a fast pass for which was Navi River Journey. We ended up waiting for this ride for quite a long time because the ride ended up breaking down when we were halfway through the line. We stuck it out for quite a while and it ended up working out as we watched people leave line and were able to move up. Once the ride started again we were close enough to get on very quickly!

The line was even interesting! There was so much to look at.

I took a few pictures of the inside of the ride to share with you...

How gorgeous right?! Once we got off the ride it was pouring rain so we threw on our ponchos and went to get some drinks before our fast pass for Flight of Passage.

These drinks were Night Blossoms and they were pretty good at first but the fruitiness was a little overwhelming for me! The little dummies reminded me of those fruit gushers everyone used to have in their lunch as kids. Not my favorite drink by a long shot- but very pretty!

I cannot say enough good things about Pandora:Flight of Passage. It's a 3D experience ride that is NOT to be missed and I 100% recommend having a fast pass because the line is loooong.  It reminds me a bit of Soarin' but you sit on a motorcycle (the best way I can think of to describe it). Throughout the ride it's as if you are riding a banshee and you can feel it move by your knees and ankles as if you are really riding on top of a creature. You can smell the forest and it truly feels as if you are flying. I kept telling Tim that I wish that video games were realistic like this!

We planned on watching the night time show Rivers of Light but on our way through we saw the Tree of Life all lit up and it was too pretty not to stop and take a picture.

 Rivers of Light was beautiful and I really did enjoy the show. It definitely wasn't the best of the night time shows we saw (stay tuned for that one) but it was Disney quality and amazing!

We had another magical day in the parks and couldn't be happier!

Of course we had to stop and look at how gorgeous Everest was on our way out.

Now stay tuned for another installment of my beauty collection on Wednesday and I'll be back with part six of our Disney trip on Friday!

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