Friday, October 6, 2017

Disney Vacation Part Four: Animal Kingdom

Happy Friday guys! Are you stoked for the long weekend? I know I am!

Today I'm recapping our second morning in the park at Disney World! I promise as we go forward our days get less full and will be able to be recapped with a single post for each day...I think. Right now though there are too many pictures to share and too much to tell you. Plus I like having these posts to look back on :)

We decided to go to Tim's favorite park on this day, Animal Kingdom!

Honestly after our first day both of us had insanely sore feet but knew we had to keep moving so we could see everything. I wore a skirt that I purchased from a LulaRoe consultant. It has Minnie all over it and I absolutely love the color so I knew I had to wear it in Disney. I also wore my new Nikes and a tanktop from Kohls. My Michael Kors bag was a staple throughout this entire trip.

I also learned that I couldn't have my hair down and be comfortable in the heat. So ballerina bun it was.

I do have to say that the photo pass was 100% worth it and if you are a picture person and like to have albums of your trips you get a TON of great pictures simply by stopping at the photographers you see in the parks

We took our time entering the park on this day because our feet were killing us and there was barely anyone around. At one point this morning we were sitting eating breakfast and I looked to my right and saw no one. Then I looked to my left and saw one Disney cast member. Our trip time couldn't have worked out any better, I swear Disney will never be so dead again.

As I mentioned we had breakfast in the park- we just grabbed muffins from a quick service counter and a couple of coffees.

My mocha coffee was delicious!

We were heading towards Everest and and a couple of cast members mentioned that there was no line to meet Mickey and Minnie. So we figured we'd catch up with them since we hadn't seen them since the day before.

Minnie motioned that Mickey that he should grow a beard like Tim. We got a kick out of how many characters made comments (well motions) about his beard. Gotta love a guy with facial hair!

Once we made it to Everest we realized that we didn't need our fast pass since there was no line. So we went on once, then again with our fast pass, and then again a third time. We both agreed that this was the best roller coaster Disney has to offer and would've kept riding all day. 

Next we got to meet Pocahontas and Tim was hoping that her raccoon pal Meeko would be around since I am terrified of raccoons. He thought it would be funny, I didn't...but lucky for me Pocahontas was alone.

We walked along the Jungle Trek and saw a ton of animals....

The coolest being this mama tiger!

 and then headed towards Dino-land USA.

In Dinoland-USA we went on the ride Dinosaur which is jeep trip back in time which I found much scarier a few years ago. 

Not sure what the person next to me is doing though...

After Dinoland we headed back the way we came and watched Finding Nemo The Musical. It's a cute performance and was a nice chance to get out of the blazing sun. There is a better show in the park though if you are looking to only see one so we will talk about that in a little bit.

 We walked back towards the Tree of Life and saw It's Tough To Be A Bug inside. This is another show in the park that's been around since opening day I believe. I like it but it's certainly not my favorite and I have seen many kids get nervous inside so keep that in mind if you travel with little ones.

We grabbed a couple of Mickey pretzels and then decided to hop on the Kilimanjaro Safari.

I hope that someday to go on a real African Safari but until that point this is the next best thing! It's so cool that the animals come very close to the jeep. My favorite animals to spot? Giraffes!

I have to say the next thing we did was just as cool as the safari. Right when we exited the safari we saw a path labeled Gorilla Falls and there were baby gorillas there!

They were the cutest and we watched them wrestle for almost a half hour. 

The only thing that got us moving again was that we planned on seeing The Lion King show. This show is great and involves singing, dancing and gymnastics. I loved watching the gymnasts dressed as monkeys flipping around on the trampoline and swinging from the bars. The dancing birds were also incredible and their duet was beautiful. Tim said he really enjoyed this as well and I know it's something we will continue to see each time we go to Disney!

That was all for our Animal Kingdom morning but don't worry we just went back to the hotel to rest and ended up right back at Animal Kingdom later that day! Stay tuned :)

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