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Disney Vacation Part Six: Keys To The Kingdom Tour and Epcot

I can't believe we are already on part six of this Disney vacation review! On this particular day I don't have a ton of pictures to share because we spent the first six hours of our day on the Keys To The Kingdom Tour at Magic Kingdom.

This tour is something you can call to set up with a Disney cast member and we booked ours a few months before we left. This tour was in the Magic Kingdom and wraps up with a walk through the mysterious utilidors under the park.  

We received listening devices so we could hear our tour guide while walking around the park. Our tour guide was awesome and provided us with quite a bit of information. He pointed out so many things around the park that I never would've noticed before. He brought us on Pirates of the Caribbean and The Haunted Mansion and pointed out things as we rode that I had never heard of before.

Lunch was provided and we were able to pick what we wanted before the tour started. I chose a mac and cheese hot dog which was delicious! We each were given a pin shaped like a key which was our "key to the kingdom" which was super cute.

I was unable to take pictures on most of the tour because we were in backstage areas (where they store parade floats and the underground utilidors) but it was an amazing tour and if you've never been I believe you should definitely go! I wish I could remember our tour guides name- I do have two pictures of his back...

Tim and I are thinking it's Kevin? But we can't remember for sure- if anyone knows please let me know!

Since most of the tour involved walking and standing we decided to leave the park and head back to the hotel to hang by the pool for a little bit.

We obviously had to get popcorn first though!

The pool at All Star Movies wasn't my favorite pool ever but it worked just fine!

Can you spot Tim?

After cooling down for a bit we hopped on the Disney bus and headed to Epcot!

I enjoyed Epcot this time more then ever before on a Disney trip. 

My Mickey and Minnie t-shirt came from Kohls. We really lucked out with finding Disney themed clothing there before our trip so we didn't have to spend a bundle on clothing in the park. My shorts are LC Lauren Conrad from Kohls (no I don't have stock in Kohls-I wish I did- I just love their clothes!)

The first ride we got on during this visit was Spaceship Earth which was mostly just to get some A/C and relax a little bit. Tim said he didn't think he'd ever been on this ride before and I told him it wasn't anything too exciting but we would get out of the heat and he was good with that!

We went into the Coca-cola building to try all the different sodas from around the world. If you've never tried the Beverly- it's disgusting and makes you wonder why people around the world have different drinks. I know it's disgusting but still had to try it to see if it was as bad as I remembered. It was. 

There are some interesting drinks to try but I think I'll stick with regular-old Coca-Cola. 

We also went on the Figment ride while we were over in this area of the park. It's such a strange ride but Tim had never been on it and there was no wait, so we figured we'd might as well give it a try!

One of the things I was excited to do was something my Disney Visa card gives me as a perk. As a Disney Visa card holder I am able to get into a special section that "regular people" cannot. This is the second trip I've taken advantage of this and we were able to meet Goofy and Mickey at this location. (Are you keeping track of how many times we met Mickey? I've lost track!)

Mickey liked that I was on his shirt and then pointed to Tim's shirt and how he wasn't on there. He decided to fix this by standing in front of Tim. It was super cute :)

It's such a short line at these Visa experiences and it's worth becoming a card member for the points it gives you towards Disney trips and these experiences. I would highly recommend the card.

There was so much amazing food during the Food and Wine Festival and my favorite dish was a macaroni and cheese.

The loaded mac and cheese was delicious! I forgot to take a picture of it on this day, but have no fear we ended up going back later in the week to get it again!

This was a pulled pork nacho dish that Tim picked out and it was super yummy.

They had so many stands around the park serving food and the system they used for orders was quick and efficient I was very impressed.

Tim was enjoying trying so many different dishes.

He also got to try many different types of beer which was cool since they came in smaller cups so he could try many of them around the park. We also shared a mojito which was yummy but super small for the amount of money we paid for it. 

Our fast pass for that night was for Test Track where we built our own car and got to see how it held up during tests. Ours only worked for speed, everything else it didn't make the top three. I guess speed is what matters in rides though right?! 

I love how many ride pictures and videos they do nowadays. To check out my disney vlog with all our ride videos head over to BalancingOnMyToes on youtube!

We started our walk around the countries knowing we wouldn't make it through all of them but we could at least see a little bit. We walked around in Mexico and rode The Three Caballeros while there. 

We grabbed a pretzel in Norway which I thought was delicious covered in chocolate, Tim said it was just okay.

We tried on some hats in China and then were able to get our picture taken with a lotus flower. It was the photographers only source of light so it was really interesting to see how they placed it in order to get a nice picture of us.

We had a great time this day and headed back to the hotel absolutely exhausted.

Not the most steps that we had during this trip, but definitely a solid amount! Our feet were killing us this day as well. 

One last picture to wrap up this post...I spilled my water on the carpet on this night and look what it made...

I see a hidden Mickey! Stayed tuned for more Disney posts coming your way! Also, don't forget to check Youtube for some new videos there as well!

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