Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Disney Vacation Part Three: Epcot

Guys we are still on Day 1 in the parks...this recap is going to take forever! I apologize but I have so much to say and so many pictures to share!

The first thing we did was get our picture taken in front of the golf ball.

Before leaving Magic Kingdom we switched our last fast pass of the day from Thunder Mountain to Soarin. We were able to walk right onto the ride and it was so great to see the new version of Soarin! It used to be Soarin Over California and now it has turned into Soarin Over The World which I think is even better. I really enjoyed it and Tim commented on how he liked it too. 

Next we headed over to Nemo and Friends at the Seas pavilion. 

First we stopped to get our picture taken and then went on the ride which is a cute ride but nothing super exciting.

If you've been reading the blog for awhile you know that we love aquariums so we enjoyed wandering around The Seas and seeing all the underwater creatures.

While we were in Disney the food and wine festival was happening which was great because we love to eat. There were so many fun things to try from different countries and we really enjoyed Epcot during this trip.

Since I'm a Disney Visa Card member we were able to meet special characters in Epcot. So we ended up meeting...

Mickey again! Count it- time number two!

Goofy! Time number two...

And Minnie! Time number two..

We headed over to Mission Space next which was fun. We did the most difficult one which uses G-force to make you feel like you are actually going into space. I had done it before but it was a first time for Tim and he said he thought it was intense but fun.

We headed into Norway so we could do the new Frozen ride and meet Anna and Elsa.

Both characters were super sweet but Anna was particularly interactive and talked to us a bunch while we were visiting with her, 

After meeting them both we headed to Frozen Ever After to see what this new ride was all about.

We did have to wait about 35 minutes in standby, but I have seen the wait time go over an hour so that was nothing to us!

Our feet were starting to hurt at this point so after the ride (which I loved!) we headed to Via Napoli in Italy to have dinner. 

We both had drinks recommended by our waiter which were very yummy. They were Limoncello Mules and although neither of us planned on ordering it but we were so glad we followed his suggestion.

The chicken parmesan I had was delicious especially the pasta. The sauce was incredible I could've eaten that pasta every day.

 The bread was awesome as well. Tim had a pizza which he loved as well.

As we left Epcot that night we were exhausted but had an amazing first day in Disney World.

Just to keep you updated on the steps we took that day, 25,821 steps and over 10 miles. Our feet were dead by the time we got back to our room and I think we fell asleep in about five minutes that night.

I can't wait to show you what else we got up to...keep an eye out for part 4 coming soon!

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