Monday, October 30, 2017

My Monica Closet

Remember in Friends when Monica had a closet that was stuffed with items that didn't belong in any category? Well that's how I was feeling about our closet in the second bedroom. 

I didn't take a true "before" picture because I had pulled a ton of stuff out onto the floor first.

Okay, so now you get an idea of what it was packed with. The piles of books on the floor are a collection of books, yearbooks and scrapbooks. I don't know why I hesitated for so long on putting them in our basement storage unit but I knew it was time to buy some new storage bins and move them downstairs.

I know these are all items I want to keep- I certainly don't want to get rid of my yearbooks or scrapbooks. (Especially not my scrapbooks- I worked so hard on them) but they are not something we access often so why are they hanging out in our easily accessible closet?

I also had a ton of scrapbooking supplies I'm not looking to get rid of but I also am not using. Someday when I have space for an office I will make a nice storage area for these supplies- but until then into storage they go.

Also I think it's time to store away the overalls we used for Halloween costumes last year since we haven't touched them since then. Since they were a little pricey I will keep them stored with our other Halloween costume items in case we can use them for another costume in the future!

I also stuffed any plaques we had been storing and some frames with certificates as well. We don't ever look at these and they were just sitting inside one of the baskets in our living room. That's valuable storage space for things we actually use often so I'm glad to gain it back. 

With Tim helping I managed to get all of these bins down into our storage area where they will be safe and sound until we decide to move.

Now I am able to store the gifts I have picked up for future presents, giftware, clothes and bags.

You'll also see a few random items including a speaker and bath mat but it looks much better then before! I'm sure there are a ton of items to declutter in here but for now I'm just trying to keep things organized until we have the chance to go through everything.

Also, I used my label maker to make some nice labels for all my bins. It's always good to know at a glance what you have stored inside.

So that's my Monica closet and how I've rearranged storage in this apartment of ours. Thanks for stopping by!

Do you have a Monica closet?

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