Friday, November 3, 2017

Life Lately: Trunk or Treat

Last weekend we attended our first ever Trunk or Treat! Brittni and her sister Katie decided to throw a party on their family property since so many people want to see their little girls in their Halloween costumes and it's too difficult to travel around to everyone.

We had never decorated a trunk before so we went light on trunk decorations and heavy on the costumes which is what we are good at.

Tim found a shark onesie and I decided to get inspired by Blake Lively's The Shallows and be a shark bite victim. With some fake blood and temporary tattoos I had a great time making myself look like a shark bite victim. I also used some black eyeshadow to get a bruised look as well.

The temporary tattoos were very realistic and I had several people ask me how I did them!

I made Tim pose for a picture with our polaroid camera. Have I mentioned before how much I love that thing?!

Once we got to the party we quickly set up our trunk with table cloths and streamers. It was pretty awful- I won't lie to you. Everyone else had really cool and well thought out trunks and ours was just boring and not well done. Oh well!

I was able to cuddle little ladybug Tilly! She gets bigger and bigger each time I see her and her personality is really starting to shine through as she gets older. I wish we lived closer and were able to see her more!

Not only her but her mom too! It was great to hang out with Rachel (and her mom and sister Sara) since I don't spend nearly enough time with them!

Emma was an adorable Cowardly Lion and looked so cuddly in her costume.

She was more interested in trying to sit on her bucket then chatting with us!

Here we are in all our glory....

I had the best time cutting up leggings and making myself bloody and Tim was able to stay comfortable in his shark costume.

Oh just a shark and lion hanging out together.

Little ladybug hanging out with her auntie!

She was also very chatty when her dad facetimed! So cute :)

So great to have my two best friends in one place! This hardly ever happens!

Besides the trunks for the kids to trick or treat the photo booth set up was also a huge hit!  There were a ton of props and we had a blast taking pictures.

So much fun!

We also took a big group picture of everyone who was dressed up.

It was a big group! We had a ton of fun hanging out with everyone :)

Tim and I in front of our trunk (I told you- super lame!) but I think our costumes look great!

Have you ever been to a Trunk of Treat? What was your Halloween costume this year?

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