Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Life Lately

Just a quick photo dump for you guys on this lovely Wednesday before Thanksgiving. I hope all my American friends are ready to celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow! 

A couple of weeks ago we headed out to Mohegan Sun (a casino in Connecticut) to celebrate our friend Marissa's 23rd birthday! We had a great time having dinner, watching everyone gamble, grabbing some drinks, and dancing the night away. 

I also helped to throw a sprinkle for Brittni during lunch time at work last week. Her second daughter is due in less then two weeks! 

Chelsea and I were so excited to surprise her! She seemed to have a great time and received some great things for her new little girl!

Finally this past weekend Tim and I headed over to Brittni and Stephens to help set up the new baby's room and of course play with Emma!

Emma showed off her baby caring skills as she hugged her baby doll and rocked her in the swing. She also kept putting her baby to bed and waking her up. She's going to be a fun big sister!

I wish I had taken before pictures because what started out as a storage room looks a lot like a nursery now!

We switched some furniture to Emma's room and cleaned up both rooms making them look clean and ready!

Emma worked hard.

So much stuff for the new baby!

Emma also watched some tv- think her neck is sore?

Reading books with Uncle Tim is always the best!

She also now calls me "Messa" I had never heard her say my name and now she has!

Both rooms look so great now!

It was a tiring day but it was so nice to help Brittni out and organize someone else stuff for a change!

I can't wait to meet the newest baby!

So that's life lately. What have you been up to?

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