Friday, November 17, 2017

Making Money: Poshmark

I recently decided to sign up for the popular Poshmark and start selling some things out of my closet. I definitely wear some of my clothes completely out but there are definitely clothes that I wear once and never bother with again. In fact I found a costume I ordered last year and never wore that was still packaged up. 

I think that everyone is able to find at least a few things to sell from their homes which can make you a little bit of extra money. I know I can always use money but especially this time of the year! In my first weekend on Poshmark I made almost $50 selling just five items! 

My Poshmark name is Dancer5757 if you want to check out what I have in my closet. I also will place a link in this post so you can sign up for Poshmark if you are interested. 

I'm all about making extra money and saving money these days so I will keep you updated on my endeavors.

Now here's a preview of my Poshmark closet...

Have a great weekend you guys!

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