Monday, November 6, 2017

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

We've been living in our apartment for almost a year and a half and our walls are still so bare! The only place I've truly made an effort to decorate the white walls is our living room and quite honestly the only real amount of wall decorating that has been impressive is our gallery wall. Which according to a quick search on my blog I haven't even shared in completion. *Facepalm*

I knew I wanted mirrors to be part of the wall decor in our "middle room" which is the name for our weird office/extra kitchen storage room/makeup and jewelry storage that is meant to be a dining room but isn't quite big enough. That room is a bit of a hodgepodge and honestly I don't know how to fix it at this point. However, I figured some mirrors might reflect a little bit of light and make everything look a little nicer.

Armed with $15 in Kohls cash I headed to my favorite store!

These mirrors work perfectly with the laid-back, beachy theme I have going on in our living room.

This set of three mirrors is originally $59.99 but was on sale for $23.99. After my $15 Kohls cash I only had to pay $9.62! I love getting a good deal almost as much as I love decorating :)

Before hanging up the actual mirrors I took paper and made them the same shape and size as the mirrors and then placed them on the wall. I actually used my drill to put screws into the paper while it was hanging on the wall so I could make sure I wouldn't make a mistake when drilling holes into the wall. (A tip I picked up at Young House Love)

I have to say I think they turned out pretty well.

They now hang above my blue table which houses overflow kitchen supplies. On top of the console table we have a popcorn machine, a toaster oven, and a coffee maker- so more overflow kitchen supplies.

They seem to take some room up on this huge wall while still allowing for other items to be hung in the future if I decide to do that.

I am thrilled with how this quick, easy project turned out and makes this room look a little more put together.

I know we won't be in this apartment forever so it makes it hard to do anything that costs money to upgrade. We also aren't allowed to paint or do anything that permanently changes the apartment so there's not too much we can really do around here. At least I'm limited to things that we can take with us when we go!

What do you have on your walls? Are they all decorated or do you take your time decorating?

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