Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Christmas Eve Eve Through Christmas Day

Hi friends! Hope you are recovering from your Christmas celebrations- we had a great time with our families and now I'm ready to rest- unfortunately going back to work was in the cards for me yesterday but have another three day weekend coming up so I'm looking forward to some quality time in our apartment! Here is a recap of our Christmas:

On Christmas Eve Eve we celebrated with my family as our "Christmas Eve" at my parents house.  We had a great time catching up with my family and of course playing with Kai.

He's such a sweetie!

We did a girls picture and with the addition of my uncles girlfriend our numbers are growing! We need to outnumber those boys someday!

Everyone loves Kai! My cousin Annabel enjoyed playing with him, he has so much energy!

Tim and Zach decorating ornaments. My mom never got the teacher arts and crafts bug out of her!

Little sweetheart!

Kai sat like this on Tim for awhile and eventually fell asleep- he loves to cuddle!

Liz and Annabel doing ornament decorating.

Dan hating on my picture taking per usual.

Kai and Tim again.

Even Uncle Dave got into the ornament decorating!

On Christmas Eve we went to Tim's sisters house to celebrate with his family- I didn't take any pictures there and haven't seen any that anyone else took yet so I unfortunately don't have any to share. We had fun doing Yankee Swap and trying to unwrap a present wearing oven mitts!

I did take these two pictures on the way there in the car! We didn't wear ugly sweaters- I wore my Patriots ugly sweater t-shirt and Tim wore a t-shirt with a cat eating pizza. 

 On Christmas morning we opened gifts with Tim's family at Brit's house again. We had done a secret santa with everyone which was a ton of fun.

Then we headed to my parents house to open gifts with my family. I remembered my new camera this time!

It was such a nice morning! Kai was hilarious looking at his new gifts and playing with everything that was not a gift- wrapping paper, gift bags, ribbon, etc. My mom went overboard as usual and we left with a carload of gifts and full bellies from the delicious roast she made us for lunch!

We were so excited and overwhelmed that we ended up going to our apartment and taking naps for part of the afternoon and then went back to Brit's for Christmas dinner.

Here we are before leaving our apartment for Christmas dinner.

Kason and Callan seemed to like the Pokemon guys we gave them!

 We had a good prime rib dinner and then hurried home so Tim could watch the Eagles game and I could get ready for work the next day.

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas as well!

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