Monday, December 25, 2017

Life Lately: Christmas Week Celebrations!

Today I'm going to share a little photo dump for everything leading up to Christmas. I'll share Christmas and some things I gave and received in a separate post :)

We started our Christmas celebrations with Rachel, Ant and Tilly. This is the only picture I took but this serious little girl would laugh the minute I put the camera down! We had a great time catching up and seeing her- she's growing so fast! We had dinner at Olive Garden and loved spending time with one of our favorite families!

After seeing Tilly we had to see Emma and Parker as well (and their parents of course!) we picked up some Chinese food and had a take in night to watch Emma open her gifts (and Parkers too) which was fun since she understands unwrapping gifts now.

We gave her an Elsa doll and a tutu which she calls a "pretty" she seemed to like our gifts!

Parker was less interested in opening gifts and more interested in sleeping. We were just fine with her loving on us!

At work we all wore ugly sweaters last Thursday which was fun. I wore my Patriots ugly sweater t-shirt since I wasn't willing to spend more then $20 on a sweater I would only wear once a year. 

On Friday night Ally and Derek invited us to drive around a look at Christmas lights. We had a great time and discovered a few new places to check out each year. There was an awesome light display in Coventry which we were actually able to get out and walk around so I did snap a few pictures.

We definitely had a great set up to Christmas! I'll be back to share our Christmas Eve/Day and some presents that I received and gave which I loved!

Do you have any special things you do leading up to Christmas??

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