Monday, December 4, 2017

Not Always Perfect

On Saturday before I did my massive clean for the week I decided to take pictures of our apartment looking like a disaster.

I am generally an organized and clean person but there are definitely weeks I don't want to put in any extra effort and let the mess in the living room pile up. There are nights I just don't feel like doing the dishes and there are definitely times when I just don't feel like nagging Tim to go through the piles he has created on the coffee table. That's real life. So often online we see pictures of pristine living rooms, huge amazing closets and sparkling kitchens. That's not always the case and sometimes life gets in the way.

I do have after photos showing what the rooms looked like once they were cleaned up but guess what? It's still not perfect! I want to be very clear that every day life does not look like the rooms we see in magazines, blogs, or on HGTV.

So here we go.. real life at our apartment.

Now after the clean!

So that's real life, and if I'm being honest...the apartment didn't take long to get messy again! :)

Have a great monday everyone!

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