Friday, December 1, 2017

November Empties

Rabbit Rabbit!

Does anyone else out there say that first thing in the morning on the first of the month? I learned about that back in middle school and have tried to say it every month since for good luck!

I finished quite a few items this month but also ended up buying quite a few things and getting some freebies so my categories haven't changed all that much!

Here's what I finished up this past month...

I finished one mini body lotion in Maui Hibiscus Beach which I really liked. I love any sort of beachy scent and this lotion was great I would definitely repurchase.

I finished up four face care samples. The first was a Yes To Grapefruit scrub which I forgot how much I hated in the past. The smell is terrible and I will make sure I do not repurchase this in the future.

The Balance Me Congested Skin Serum was just okay. I don't feel the need to repurchase because it did nothing magical for my skin.

I liked the Foreo Cleanser because it was so creamy and made my skin feel like it was being treated to a mask. The consistency felt like a yogurt just like the description on the front.

The last face care sample was Clinque Pep Start which was a facial scrub which I liked but didn't love! I don't think I would buy this in the future.

Two dish soaps were used up in November but both were Dawn escapes in New Zealand Springs Scent. I love this dish soap. The teal color is gorgeous and the smell is incredible. I will continue to purchase this with coupons.

For the hair category I used up a few samples and upgraded my wet brush to a new one. The bristles started falling out and it was time to move on to a new one.

I used up a terrible sample of Shea Moisture Curl and Shine shampoo. I really dislike Shea Moisture products and this one was no different.

The Briogeo Don't Despair Repair was just okay I don't feel the need for this because I love my regular hair mask.

DryBar Bay Breeze was okay as well. I don't think I will buy a full size in the future but I did enjoy the sample.

Lastly for hair products is Oribe Anti-Humidity Spray. I love all the Oribe products I've tried but they are pretty pricey so I was glad to try out this sample!

I finished up three cake batter chapsticks which you all should know about by now if you've been reading the blog. 

The Physician Formula mascara was nice. It wasn't super wet which is always a plus for me when it comes to mascara. I thought my lashes looked nice with it on but I certainly have other mascaras I prefer to this one and will not be repurchasing it.

Two cleaning products; one of which is the Swiffer Sweeper Wet Wipes. I like these but have found that I prefer cleaning with a mop and bucket because my floors get cleaner that way.

The second is a small pack of Clorox wipes which I kept in my car for quick cleanups. I liked these but found that they dried out quickly.

I am oficially tossing my Naked Basics palette. It's not used up at all but the black shadow shattered and no matter how hard I try the other colors are still a mess because of it. I don't want to mess with it anymore and am just letting this go!

I used up one BBW candle in marshmallow fireside which I enjoyed so much. I will definitely repurchase this candle next year. I love the smoky scent of it and the scent throw is great as well.

I really like this Glade Spray in Powder Fresh which we use when the apartment smells less then wonderful. I will definitely coupon for these in the future.

The Pillow Mist was just okay. I've had it for years and I don't think it's a necessary item so I will not be repurchasing.

The car vent clip is another one of my favorites. I keep repurchasing the tropical scents because those are my all time favorite.

The Secrets of the Islands scrub is great and I purchased this one after getting one as a gift a few years ago. I actually have purchased one to give as a gift this Christmas as well because I think it's such a great product.

The La Vanilla Healthy Deodorant in vanilla scent is great, I keep repurchasing these since they are the only natural deodorant that I've found that works well. 

I continuously repurchase Tide Pods because they work well and are easy to carry up and down the stairs to the laundry room in my apartment.

The Basic cotton rounds are a a staple in my beauty routine as are q-tips! I use both regularly for removing makeup and other daily activities so I will keep picking up these items.

That's everything I finished up in November and I will update you next month when I finish more items!

What products have you used up lately?

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